SKINS A200 VS A400 Compression VS A100

2:20pm Tuesday Oct 15 2013

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Fonterra WPC80 Botulism Contamination

10:30am Monday Aug 05 2013

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Suunto Ambit 2S & Ambit 2 - Coming soon to FuelMe

3:34pm Monday Apr 29 2013

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Polar RC3 coming to FuelMe, NZ Release Mid October

12:00pm Wednesday Sep 26 2012

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Polar RCX5 Training Computer Released

9:32pm Thursday Sep 20 2012

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Massive JD Bug Scooter Sale

11:38am Thursday Jul 19 2012

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Skins Compression Clothing FAQ

3:24pm Thursday Jun 21 2012

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Polar Launches the New GPS-Ready RCX3 in NZ

8:43pm Tuesday Jun 05 2012

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9:05pm Wednesday Mar 14 2012

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Camel Bak Big Chill

Hi there. I absolutely love these bottles. I use them every single day and have 3 of them filled in the fridge every day. I have bought some for my husband and son and they rekon they are the best bottles they have every had. I would like to purchase some for my daughters now. Can I buy them in a store somewhere in Hamilton. Or do I need to buy them on line? If so how much for postage, as they bottles are quite pricey as they are?

All Bars

I discovered these today when I was at the Whangarei Hospital I love them all I am vegetarian I love eating healthy . I will be ordering as soon as I can but not until two weeks away . I'm
In love and have other people interested in them . Fantastic!!!!

UltrAspire Velocity

emergency blanket - check
personal first aid - check
merino leggings - check
waterproof pants - check
merino top layer - check
waterproof jacket - check
Gloves - check
Thir merino skullie - check
Food for 3 - 4 hours - check
2 bottles of water - check
dog lead - check
phone - check
iPod - check

I'm loving my UltrAspire Velocity! All the compulsory gear fits in for your favourite trail race - like the Kepler!

There is space for a bladder if you like that form of hydration or the Velocity comes with bottles. The bottles are very easy to drink out of and comfortable to wear being more ergonomically sculpted to fit against your body. I haven't tried to put a bladder AND gear into it.

The vest is very simple to fit and adjust and having a wide shoulder strap sits easily around your shoulders and neck. There's next to no bounce when it's full and shoulder fatigue is a thing of the past due to the wide fit spreading the load.

Whether it's full or you have a singl

Other colour available ?

I am looking for red colour, do you have it in stock ?

Love the Vanilla Bean

Excellent product. I use after any training session lasting 90 minutes or more, run, swim or bike. Great taste and enjoyable way to get more protein into my system, find my body / muscles are recovering well from those longer sessions thanks to this product! Highly recommend.

Endura Sports Energy Gel

I tested the taste Coffee. Very good product and effective. packaging tube would be more practical. Sportingly. Jean Pascal

CLIF bars

I love Crunchy peanut butter to alternate with the sweet taste. Maybe a little too compact. Pascal Jean

Very good

It protects my muscle and it feels great!!

A clear winner

Ran the Routeburn on Saturday with the Wasp as my faithful companion. Its undeniable good looks were matched by its comfort and ample adjustability. Volume was spot on for a full change of kit and 2L of fluid. Most importantly the mere presence of the Wasp stuck obvious fear into the hearts of the other four members of our group whose envy weighed as heavy on their shoulders as their inferior packs.

Great Jacket

Great functional jacket, very lightweight while still having a pocket and a hood for when the weather gets really bad . Flip mits work great and keep the wind off your hands when neccesary. Nice athletic fit and isnt to short.


Do u have xxs because it doesn't have that size in the drop down box?

Hi Joe, no sorry the XXS sizing is no longer available.
awesome product works well

Salt stick capsules

I have never cramped up to stop me running since using these over a year ago. Have also given some to cramped runners during marathons and helped them get back to running.

Camelbak Themos

When they say 4 hours plus they aren't joking!! In fact 4 hours is generous if you don't vent the mug the contents will still be too hot to drink after 4 hours Incredible.
Good drink bottles for kids 5 or older our younger kids chewed the bite valve till they leak everywhere but new valves cheap enough

shotz energy gels

I enjoy these gels they seem to be less in sweetness but high in energy boost
Best Sunscreen ever - customers rave about this stuff. Can personally vouch for its effectiveness after being flag marshall at an event and the areas that didn't have sunscreen on them got serious sunburn yet the covered areas were fine.
Hi Petrina, sorry we are not aware of anyone that sells the Clif Kid Z Bars in NZ.
Does anyone sell kid Clif Bars in NZ? Would love the apricot one too!
Hi Jonathan, send us an email through our contact page with more info about your acheivements and goals and let us know what protein and energy products and any other supplements you currently use.
I top counties cyclist got in 2009 tour of southland national road tour 4th sprint ace and 5th stage 3.I training hard for nov 2nd-8th 2010 tour was wondering if you could see me about products sponsorship protein and energy products. Got big programme august onwards thanks please reply jonathan pro cyclist auckland
Hi Michael, if you have a transmitter that clips onto the strap, but have lost the strap then this is what you need to replace it.
I have the Polar Wearlink Coded Transmitter 31 but no strap, so is the Polar Wearlink+ Strap what I required?