International Shipping

FuelMe welcome orders from all across the globe and offer a standard FLAT RATE SHIPPING FEE for all orders shipped by Tracked International Economy Courier. Some items may be restricted in your country, and/or may incur duty and tax charges upon import. Please check with your local Customs office for relevant policy information.


Australia/ Oceania/Pacific Islands...........$10NZD Flatrate/$9.50AUD.......... Free Shipping on Orders over $180NZD/$170AUD
Asia.........................................$40NZD Flatrate ......... Free Shipping on Orders over $380NZD
North America......................$35NZD Flatrate/$27USD ......... Free Shipping on Orders over $680NZD/$506USD
Central/South America.......$50NZD Flatrate/$38USD ......... Free Shipping on Orders over $680NZD/$506USD
Eastern Europe.....................$45 Flatrate/€16 ......... Free Shipping on Orders over $680NZD/€434
Western Europe....................$25NZD Flatrate/€16 ......... Free Shipping on Orders over $680NZD/€434
United Kingdom....................$25NZD Flatrate/£15 ......... Free Shipping on Orders over $680NZD/£390
Middle East...........................$80NZD Flatrate ......... Free Shipping on Orders over $680NZD
Please allow 3 to 10 working days for delivery (excluding any time spent in Customs). Please note that shipments to India are by International Airmail non tracked as our tracking facility does not work in India.

For Priority Delivery our Expedited International Courier service offers delivery within 2-6 workings days. Choose International Priority During Checkout.

• Australia, the Pacific Islands, and Oceania:

FuelMe offer a Flatrate Shipping Charge of just $10 for all orders to Australia and the rest of Oceania by International Airmail, or FREE Flatrate Shipping on orders over $180. For Priority Delivery our Expedited International Courier charge of $65 still applies if this service is required.

All International Payments are made through PayPal.

FuelME use TRACKED International Economy Courier for our flatrate service - please allow 1-2 working days for dispatch and then 3 to 10 working days for delivery (excluding any time spent in Customs). Some Countries do not allow us to send by Tracked Economy (India) so these orders are sent by International Airmail.
For a Fully Tracked Priority Delivery our Expedited International Courier service offers delivery within 3-6 workings days, this can be selected during checkout.


Please note that all shipments of foods, sports supplements and nutritional supplements to USA require Prior Notification of US Customs. We cannot ship your order unless this is obtained, please see this pageSHIPPING TO USA for more information. This includes the Em's Power Cookie range, Leppin, and Enervit products.


We ship orders all across the Globe, a lot of orders we ship for free or by flatrate shipping for just $20. Unfortunately some shipments incur extra tax and duty charges that can add significantly to your order. Please use the Calculator below to see if any taxes or duties will be applied to your order.
These charges are not included as part of our free shipping or flat rate options, You are responsible for any duties or taxes that your local Customs office may apply. We do not collect any duties or taxes from you and do not know how much they will cost you (if anything).
We report the exact amount of the sale on the Customs form. For a description of the package contents on the Customs form, we normally claim "Dietary Supplements", or "Sportswear/Sporting goods".
If the package is seized by Customs for any reason and we do not receive the package back, we are unable to issue you a refund.
If we do receive the package back after being seized, you are still responsible for the shipping charges. In this case, we will refund the product costs only, since we have already paid the shipping costs and can not get that back.

All countries have varying levels of charges on Imported goods, we recommend you check with your Countries customs website before importing anything into your country to ensure you know what charges may be imposed. Currently as at March 2015, Australia allows imports up to $1000AUD before GST is applied, the UK has imposed charges on all imports from NZ over $15GBP. Use the Calculator below to get an estimation as to what the extra charges may be (please note we cannot guarantee the results of this so use this as a guide only).

Please note some countries charge tax on the shipping costs as well. While we may not charge you for shipping you might be charged taxes on what we have paid on your behalf for shipping.

All International Orders are GST FREE.

New Zealand GST (Goods and Service Tax) of 15% is levied on products in NZ and is included in all prices on FuelMe. This GST is deducted from all International Orders so you pay approximately 13% Less than the Prices that are shown for NZ customers. If viewing the website outside of NZ the site should automatically deduct the 15% GST Tax from all product prices. When you set up an account for delivery outside NZ and while you are logged into your account all prices shown in your cart will be excluding GST. If for some reason you are incorrectly charged GST we will refund this onto your credit card. Please contact us if you have any questions or if the discount does not get applied to your order.

Normally as long as you are using an ISP outside NZ or have a foreign IP address the site should deduct GST. However sometimes this may not occur so to ensure the correct pricing on products you should be logged in to your account and must have your shipping address outside of New Zealand for the GST deduction to be applied. Please contact us if you need to confirm pricing first

*Heavier orders over 3kg may be subject to extra shipping charges. In this case we will contact you before dispatching your order to confirm delivery charges. Where possible, FuelMe use International Airmail for most orders - please allow 3 to 10 working days for delivery (excluding any time spent in Customs). Packages over 3kg MAY be shipped by International Economy Mail. Please allow 10 to 25 working days for delivery.