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running gear accessories, sport supplements, and more
running gear accessories, sport supplements, and more

Healthspan Elite Beta Alanine

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Pure source of the amino acid beta-alanine, unflavoured for versatility and convenience, suitable for plant-based diets.
-Fully recyclable pouch to reduce plastic waste
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This is pure, 100% beta alanine – nothing else. This formulation is unflavoured for versatility and is a perfect addition to your pre-workout shake. Healthspan Elite advise an optimal dose of 2.5 g to supplement your training routine.

Beta-alanine is a naturally occurring, non-essential amino acid that plays a vital role in the production of carnosine, which is stored in your skeletal muscles. It’s a popular product for high-intensity and endurance athletes and is considered an excellent addition to any pre-workout routine.

Developed with the All Blacks

With 25 years experience in nutrition, many leading athletes trust Healthspan Elite for their supplement needs and what works for them, can work for you too. Healthspan Elite have partnered up with the All Blacks, taking advice from their nutritionist and the players themselves to deliver a winning range of proteins and supplements, made with the finest ingredients to help you stay healthy and perform to your best.

Clean, lean, green

It was important for Healthspan Elite to launch a range that aligned as closely as possible with their ‘clean, lean, green’ ethos: this product is fully lab-tested with Informed Sport accreditation (Clean), with a science-backed formulation to help you achieve your goals (Lean) and uses a fully recyclable pouch that is much lighter than a standard tub (Green).

-Pure source of the amino acid beta-alanine
-Unflavoured for versatility and convenience
-Suitable for plant-based diets
-Fully recyclable pouch to reduce plastic waste

Food Supplement.

Adults: Suggested serving size is 2.5 grams, (approximately 1 level scoop supplied) or the dosage advised by your nutritionist. Mix with your preferred amount of water or juice in a shaker and drink.