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SpiBelt Original


The SpiBelt Original is the original "small personal items" waist belt, that started it all back in 2007. It's designed to fit all of your essentials required when you're out training or during events, whether running, or cycling, hiking or walking. It can be used to keep personal items secure when traveling, or medical needs close at hand.


The SpiBelt Original is the original “small personal items” waist belt, that started it all back in 2007. It’s designed to fit all of your essentials required when you’re out training or during events, whether running, or cycling, hiking or walking. It can be used to keep personal items secure when traveling, or medical needs close at hand. To keep up with ever-changing “connected lives”, it has been updated and now has a longer pocket making it perfect for holding larger smart phones like the iPhone 6 as well as keys, cash, credit cards and even a passport. The revised SpiBelt Original is compatible with phones up to 6 ½” long including the iPhone 6 (not 6PLUS), Nexus 6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy Note 3. It features an adjustable, elastic waist belt and study buckle, making it one size fits all and easy to be adjusted for comfort, fitting a waist size 24″ through to 47″. It’s slim, compact and snug design means it will not bounce, whilst providing a comfortable fit, with soft elastic that prevents chaffing. The revolutionary expandable, secure, low-profile pocket expands out to around 16cm/6.5″ x 7.5cm/3″ x 5cm/2″.

Will the SpiBelt hold a racing bib (number)? If so, all models?
Yes it will hold a race number, but you will also need to purchase a set of race number toggles. They will loop around the elastic of your SpiBelt .

Will the original SpiBelt hold an iPhone 6?
The Original SpiBelt will fit the iPhone 6. However, it will be a very tight fit if you have a bulky phone case.

Will the original SPIband hold a Samsung galaxy s5 phone? this would be for my daughter-in-law and I know her phone is larger than my iPhone.
For the Galaxy s5- our Large pocket belts works best!

Why are there logo and non-logo options?
All standard adult SpiBelts come with branded elastic. You can, however, purchase the adult SpiBelt without branded elastic. The Kids’ SpiBelts are unbranded so children will not violate potential school dress codes.

What size SpiBelt should I buy?
We offer three sizes of SpiBelts . The Kids’ SpiBelts are adjustable to comfortably accommodate any child with a 18″ 26″ waist (all kids’ belts come with a non-logo band). Our Original SpiBelt is tailored for a 25″-50″ waist. And the 55″ SpiBelts will fit a 55″-75″ waist.

What are the material contents of the Original SpiBelt ?
Our Original SpiBelt is a spandex and lycra blend.

Is the back of the pouch smooth – the non zipper side? My son likes to wear around his middle under his baseball shirt in the middle of his back. The sport pack we have now has a tab and is irritating causing him to wear an extra shirt.
The SpiBelt is smooth on the backside. No tags or tabs to irritate! The Pocket Material is a Nylon/Spandex, which is similar to women’s bathing suits, so it is very soft.

Is SpiBelt washable?
Yes. Hand wash with a mild detergent and hang to dry. Care concerns: machine washing and drying your SpiBelt may lead to fabric snags and broken plastic.

Is SpiBelt sweat-proof or weather-proof?
IMPORTANT: This product is not waterproof. Items may be exposed to moisture. We recommend the use of a waterproof LokSak® resealable bag if using with electronics or other small personal items that must remain dry. If using without waterproof bag, we suggest turning off electronics to prevent internal heat and moisture build-up.

I recently purchased an original SpiBelt in all Black about a month ago and the zipper broke apart from normal wear. I was at the gym trying to open it like I normally do and the zipper pull came off. I was wondering if there is any type of warranty or another way for me to get it replaced? I loved this product because it made going to the gym and running so much easier, but unfortunately the product seemed to be defective. I still have the zipper pull and the broken SpiBelt if you would like me to return it to you.
Please send us an email at customerservice@spibelt.com. Please include your order # and when you bought it. Look forward to hearing from you.

I am interested in purchasing a SpiBelt, I have an iPhone 6, but my waist size is a 24″, so which SpiBelt do you recommend I buy? Thanks!
We recently undated the Original SpiBelt! The updated version will fit the iPhone 6 and fits waist size 24″ through 47″.

How big is SpiBelt’s pocket?
The Original SpiBelt pocket is 6.5″ long and will expand to 3″ high by 2″ deep.

Does SpiBelt bounce when full?
It does not bounce when used properly. For best results, position it below your waistband. The heavier the items (i.e. iPod & smartphone), the more snuggly you’ll want to adjust it. Place flat and larger items in first, so closer to your body. Be realistic when filling your SpiBelt . A standard load consists of an iPod , smartphone, cash, ID, and car key.

Can the original spi belt be used for insulin pumps, my daughter would like to have a pink one and the diabetic only comes in black
Yes, the Original SpiBelt can be used for insulin pumps! With the Original- you will need to feed the tubing through the front of the SpiBelt. The pocket will fully zip, while not pitching the tubing.