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SpiBelt Race Number Toggles


SpiBelt Race Number Toggles makes life easier for race day with no need to use safety pins to attach your race day number. Simply use these toggles to attach a race number bib to your SpiBelt (or other small waist belts). No need to worry about safety pins ruining your running clothes, pinning your finger to your T-Shirt, or having to scratch around in your car at the last minute trying to dig some pins up. This pack includes 2x Plastic Toggles, with elastic cord loops.

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***SpiBelt not Included.

How to use SpiBelt Race Bib Toggles

:Squeeze plastic toggle and remove black cord.
Loop one end of cord around belt.
Insert one end of cord through hole on bib.
Squeeze toggle and insert both ends of cord into toggle hole.
Repeat on the other side.
Run your Race 😉