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  • Camelbak CHUTE Replacement Lid USD $11.40 $10.34
    Save 9%
    The replacement Chute cap fits all 600ml, 750ml, and 1Litre Tritan CamelBak Chute, eddy and Groove bottles ***. The replacement Chute cap is a great option for when you need to convert your water bottle into a leak-proof container. ***Please note Looks can be deceiving: this cap is NOT compatible with the steel, vacuum-insulated Chute bottle ... more »
  • Camelbak Crux Replacement Tube USD $18.46 $17.46
    Save 5%
    Temporarily Out of Stock - Available to Back Order
    The CamelBak Crux™ replacement tube has larger diameter and offers more water per sip than previous tubes. Pair with the Crux™ reservoir on/off valve (sold separately) for 20% more water flow per sip. If your tube has discoloured or developed mould from storage this is the ideal replacement. 99cm Replacement tube can be trimmed down if required. To extend the life of the tube and reservoir, we recommend cleaning immediately after use, and then store the tube and reservoir in your freezer between use, to stop mould and discolouration from developing.... more »
  • CamelBak CRUX Hydration Reservoir 2L NEW USD $56.95 $54.81
    Save 4%
    Temporarily Out of Stock - Available to Back Order
    The new Camelbak Crux hydration reservoir delivers 20% more water per sip, with an ergonomic handle for easier refilling, and an on/off lever that makes it easy to prevent leaks. If there’s one thing we know best, it’s water. Our athletes, customers and colleagues told us they wanted a reservoir that delivered more water per sip, with a foolproof design that made it easy to fill up and hit the trail. Like all of our gear, we put the Crux through exhaustive stress tests to make sure that it won’t fail you on the trail. ... more »
  • Hemp Foods Hemp Protein USD $35.57 - $64.08
    Save 3%
    Hemp Foods Hemp Protein is grown and manufactured in Australia from Certified Organic Hemp Seeds, providing you with a high quality protein made using a complicated mechanical process that ensures you get as much protein as possible in the most natural way without using heat or chemicals. It contains all the amino acids and is one of the highest quality, gluten free, vegan, and plant based protein known to man! Don't get ripped off by other brands selling Hemp protein that is really just Hemp flour, some of the Canadian hemp protein uses heat and/ or chemical process. Hemp Foods Hemp Protein ... more »
  • 4D Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate 300g USD $28.44 $21.31
    Save 25%
    4 Dimension Creatine is Manufactured in the USA and is 100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade, crystalline Creatine Monohydrate of the highest quality. In as little as 7 days, you can experience a surge in strength, adding more weight to the bar on your bench press and curl. Muscles have been shown to be noticeably fuller, harder and bigger when using the creatine found specifically in this cutting-edge supplement. 4 Dimension Creatine: No banned substances. No fillers. Just superior muscle building results in every serving. Through supplementation with Creatine you literally increase your ability ... more »
  • AllMax TribX90 USD $64.08 $49.82
    Save 22%
    Allmax TribX90 provides 90% furostanolic Saponins - TWICE as much as other tribulus supplements, makig it the most powerful Tribulus supplement available. Tribulus Terrestris is a herb that can have varying potency depending on what part of the herb is used, the time of year it is harvested, and where it is grown. The most potent Tribulus grows in Bulgaria and is recognised as containing the highest steroidal saponins. AllMax TribX90 is 100% Blugarian tribuls and has been wild harvested by hand at peak season to ensure the absolute highest levels of total concentrated alkaloids, a full 90% s... more »
  • Hammer Fully Charged USD $60.52 $56.24
    Save 7%
    Hammer Fully Charged Pre-Exercise ignitor is a revolutionary, pre-training and pre-event formula that blows the doors off other similar products. Instead of being loaded with caffeine and other central nervous system stimulants like most other pre-workout formulas, HammerFully Charged contains an impressive blend of nutrients that supply true performance-enhancing benefits. No other pre-exercise product provides the wide-ranging benefits that Fully Charged does, without subjecting you to the unpleasant, overly wired effect associated with other products. Hammer Fully Charged is for all endura... more »
  • Injinji Trail Mid Weight Crew Run Socks USD $25.59
    Save 4%
    The Injinji Trail Mid Weight Crew toe socks are engineered for the uneven and unpredictable terrain of the trail to offer the best fit, feel and protection in any shoe. They are built to handle the impact of dirt paths and rocky trails with a protective cushion and midweight design, making them suitable for trail running, off road running, and hiking. With each toe protected in the unique Toe Sock design, skin-on-skin friction is completely eliminated protecting your foot from blisters and hot spots. The crew length rests at mid-calf and feature superior moisture management and comfort. T... more »
  • VFuel Endurance Drink USD $5.70 - $68.43
    Save 6%
    NOW INSTORE - VFuel Endurance Drink Sachets. RRP $8ea/$96 a boxlot, now $7.50each, or by the boxlot 12x sachets $79.90 ($6.66each). VFuel Endurance Drink is nearly identical to the VFuel gel and can be used in place of it to supply all your caloric and electrolyte needs or use it along with our gels which contain MCT oil for smooth fueling all day. As with the gel, VFuel Endurance Drink is Fructose free meaning less gut issues. Even the most sensitive stomachs can use VFuel for hours and hours and stay perfectly happy! When compared to other products, it's really no comp... more »
  • Camelbak Quick Stow Flask USD $35.57 $34.57
    Save 3%
    The Camelbak Quick Stow Flask is designed as your perfect running fuel companion - holding 500ml of your desired fuel source you can stash it in your running vest, belt, or even in the palm of your hand. The lightweight, collapsible flask features Camelbak's classic one-piece silicone bite valve for rapid hydration when out on the run, and packs down easily once it’s empty. The Quick Stow has been designed to fit easily in the front compartments of all of the Camelbak running vests, as well as most other running packs. Once it’s empty, it folds down small enough to fit in your pocket.... more »
  • Camelbak Ultra Pro Vest NEW USD $142.56 $136.79
    Save 4%
    The new Camalbak Ultra Pro Run Vest is Camelbaks answer to minimalist runners, featuring Ultra-light materials and a streamlined design make this vest ideal for long-distance training and elite-level racing. Available in multiple sizes and equipped upfront with two 17oz/500ml Quick Stow flasks, the Ultra Pro vest puts comfort above all else. The vest is made with 3D vent mesh—an ultralight material that guarantees maximum airflow on sweaty runs. It also offers plenty of front storage pockets for easy access to fuel, water or electrolyte tabs, along with a secure zippered pocket that fits mo... more »
  • Camelbak Ultra 10 Vest 2.0L NEW USD $178.20 $172.43
    Save 3%
    The Camelbak Ultra 10 running vest was designed to endure one of the toughest trail running races on earth, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc UTMB. It has now been upgraded for 2017 to feature even lighter materials and a 2-liter reservoir that delivers more water with every sip. The all new Ultra 10 features a huge amount of adjustability making it a one size fits all unisex pack, designed for self-supported runs that take runners through mountainous terrain and unpredictable weather. It’s engineered to hold everything on the UTMB packing list, including running fuel like energy gels, bars... more »
  • 2XU X Compression Performance Run Socks Womens USD $45.62 $42.70
    Save 6%
    2XU's X Compression Performance Run Socks for women are a great sock for running, triathlon and fitness training. . The zoned breathability panels enable maximum airflow for dryness and comfort, while a linked toe cage provides extra padding for your toes. Ideal used during running to aid performance and recovery from long duration training runs. They are the most technically advanced performance compression sock available for runners, featuring zoned breathability panels for maximum airflow and comfort, seamless, gradient zoned compression panels for increased blood flow and maximum muscle ... more »
  • 2XU X Compression Performance Run Socks Mens USD $45.62 $42.70
    Save 6%
    2XU's X Compression Performance Run Socks are designed specifically for running to aid performance and recovery from long duration training runs. They are the most technically advanced performance compression sock for runners on the market. Featuring zoned breathability panels for maximum airflow and comfort. Seamless, gradient zoned compression panels for increased blood flow and maximum muscle containment for increased performance and enhanced recovery times. 2xu PWX graduated compression fabric provides enhanced power to support the shin, calf, ankle, Achilles and arch of the foot. ... more »
  • 2XU TR2 Compression Shorts Mens USD $71.28 $67.64
    Save 5%
    The 2XU TR2 Core Compression Shorts provide powerful muscle support and protection to the upper leg. Pair back with 2XU compression socks or calf sleeves for graduated compression benefits. Suitable for wearing under your competition uniform or running shorts, 2XU has tailored the fit of this short to give equal support to the quads, abductors, glutes, and hamstrings - a high stress and often injury prone area. Graduated compression aids blood flow to the heart to reduce muscle fatigue and injury and aid proprioception. ... more »
  • 2XU TR2 Compression Shorts Womens USD $71.28 $67.64
    Save 5%
    The 2XU TR2 Compression Short for women provides powerful muscle support and protection to the legs and are suitable for all sports and exercise regimes, whether at the gym, on the field, on the court, or pounding the pavement. They are designed to helps prevent muscle soreness, fatigue and long term overuse injuries. Used during training and exercise, they provide maximum flexibility, while supporting your muscles with powerful compression, and have been designed to support this key area of the body during training and on game day. The 2XU TR2 Compression Shorts suitable for wear under your c... more »
  • 2XU Compression Socks for Recovery Mens (NEW) USD $42.77 $38.13
    Save 11%
    The new 2XU Compression Socks for Recovery offer powerful compression for faster recovery following endurance sports and high intensity training. They feature graduated compression engineering that offers greater blood flow to promote circulation through the lower leg and improve venous return to relieve tired and sore muscles. The anatomical left and right foot beds with padding and support for the foot in sedentary positions gives you more comfort when you are wearing them over prolonged periods after training. The compression socks for recovery help clear lactic acid from the muscles and re... more »
  • 2XU Refresh Recovery Tights Mens USD $128.30 $121.10
    Save 6%
    The new 2XU Refresh Recovery Compression tights are the perfect recovery tool after rigorous training and competition for fresher legs for all competitive athletes or weekend warriors. They provide superior gradient compression to stabilise muscles and promote increased bloodflow for faster recovery soo you can keep the training intensity up day after day. The Comfort 2XU waistband is more comfortable than regular compression wear snd designed to allow for extended hours of wear and sleep. The high compression effect provided by the PWX105d fabric increases bloodflow and reduces lactic acid bu... more »
  • 2XU Nutrition Race Belt USD $15.68 $13.90
    Save 11%
    Temporarily Out of Stock - Available to Back Order
    The 2XU Nutrition Race belt is a great addition to any runners or triathletes race day bag. It provides the easiest way to safely and securely display your race number, with a fully adjustable, one size fits all elastic waist band, coupled with six elastic loops built into the belt for holding energy gels. With its hassle free, barely there low profile design, the 2XU Nutrition race belt is fully adjustable and easy to use, with a quick release, no fuss toggle designed for endurance events and triathlons.... more »
  • Injinji Run Ultra Compression Womens OTC Toe Socks USD $42.77 $40.99
    Save 4%
    The Injinji Ultra Compression toesock for women provide the benefits found in Injijni toes socks, coupled to a full length compression sock for improved blood flow and venous return in the lower leg. Designed with a womens specific foot fit, they can be used during training runs and long distance endurance events, and can be used post training or events for aiding recovery. They have graduated compression, offering greater compression at the ankle, continuing through to the upper calf to aid in circulation, aiding venous return and blood flow. This aids in performance improvements by keepi... more »
  • Injinji Run Ultra Compression OTC Toe Socks USD $42.77 $40.99
    Save 4%
    The Injinji Ultra Compression toesock give you all the benefits found in Injijni toes socks, coupled to a full length compression sock for improved blood flow and venous return in the lower leg. They are designed for use during training runs and events, and can be used post training for aiding recovery. They have graduated compression, offering greater compression at the ankle, continuing through to the upper calf to aid in circulation, aiding venous return and blood flow. This aids in performance improvements by keeping the muscles feeling fresher and reducing muscle vibration, comfort, an... more »
  • UltrAspire IsoVersa USD $45.62 $43.41
    Save 5%
    The new UltrAspire IsoVersa bottle is a great way to stay hydrated on the run providing an innovative and versatile way to carry your hydration. Due to its unique angled design and hand grip, the IsoVerse accommodates a myriad choices for hand positioning with no gripping necessary. Providing 600ml of hydration, it's ideal for running shorter trail runs, or pair up with an UltrAspire Run vest or run belt for added hydration during events. The bottle is positioned above the hand and closer to the body for better dynamics and less energy expenditure.... more »
  • UltrAspire Collapsible Bottle USD $24.24 $22.81
    Save 6%
    The UltrAspire Collapsible bottle gives you 500ml capacity, combined with an extra long straw for ease of use when out on the run. The soft bottle features UltrAspires Infusion Valve and Red tube which delivers a high flow making it easier to drink from. You can trim the tube to any preferred length, so you can fit teh bottle in your frant vest pocket and adjust the straw to suit. No need to remove and restuff the flask back in the pocket. Fits in the front vest pockets of UltrAspire run vests and most other packs, for quick access and hands-free delivery. The Infusion Valve is a push/pull v... more »
  • VFuel Endurance Gel USD $4.28 - $102.64
    Save 18%
    Mates Rates VFuel Endurance Energy Gel. RRP $6ea/$144 a boxlot, now $4.90ea, 10x for $46.50, or by the boxlot of 24x gels for $108 ($4.50each), while stocks last. VFuel Endurance Gel is the first true endurance gel and unlike any other energy gel on the market. The big advantage for many endurance athletes is that it's Fructose Free and one of the only gels on the market not to contain fructose that often causes gastric upset. Every ingredient in VFuel serves a specific purpose in an effort to fuel you in the best way possible - you get fast and slow release carbs from mal... more »
  • UltrAspire IO Waistpack USD $42.70 $40.99
    Save 4%
    The UltrAspire IO waistpack is about as minimalist as you can get whilst still providing an essential running accessory. A sweet new waist pack stripped down for the minimalist ethic with soft elastic breathable mesh compartment that has unbelievable capacity. It's Simple and lightweight, and features reflective hits. The IO is perfect running pack for an early morning or twilight road run to help you be safe and seen, and also makes a great accessory for shorter trail runs when you don't need to be bogged down with a full run pack. The large zippered pocket will fit your keys, eftpos card,... more »
  • UltrAspire Quantum 2.0 Waistpack USD $56.95 $53.39
    Save 6%
    The UltrAspire Quantum 2.0 is the most comfortable waist pack you'll ever wear. It's been designed to be super lightweight, and is made out of stretch mesh fabric for lower pack weight whilst providing huge cooling and breathability. It features UltrAspires Max O2 Waist attachment system which provides for better range of movement and easier to get on with enhanced adjustability. It provides great features for stashing all your essential items close at hand, with a Magnon Electrolyte Pocket for quick and easy access to capsules or tablets, and built-in clips for race bib attachment that tuck... more »
  • 2XU Mens Compression Tights PWX USD $114.01
    Save 10%
    The 2XU Compression Tights are a versatile and essential piece for any sport, endurance training or post exercise recovery. Graduated compression technology gives you regulated pressure throughout the garments and provide performance benefits during and post exercise. Engineered to promote circulation (venous return) for improved oxygenation of muscles to reduce fatigue and shorten recovery times, 2XU compression tights also allow maximum flexibility and freedom of movement for all activities. 2XU have designed their compression tights to reduce fatigue and decrease recovery time for anyone... more »
  • Ultimate Direction Jurek FKT Vest USD $178.13 $169.58
    Save 5%
    Coming Soon to FuelMe, PreOrder now, ETA for NZ Release October 2017.The new Ultimate Direction Jurek FKT Vest is set to be hugely popular. The original SJ Ultra Vest 2.0 was the best-selling vest in the world and Scott Jurek's new FKT Vest is even better. FKT means Fastest Known Time and this is exactly what this pack has been designed to help you achieve. Scott Jurek has really gone to town with getting this pack to work right. It's a bit different to the other 3.0 Series packs as instead of softflasks it comes equipped with Ultimate Directions new 600ml FlexForm Bottles.... more »
  • UltrAspire Alpha 3.0 Race Vest USD $171.00 $158.17
    Save 8%
    The UltrAspire Alpha 3.0 Race Vest is better than ever. The Alpha 2.0 was a super popular pack offering a great size, and comfortable fit even over a long haul. UltrAspire have taken all everything you know and love from the 2.0, however the 3.0 now has a zippered back elastic mesh compartment for more capacity and versatility, and you now get 2x 550ml UltraFlasks instead of the 2Litre reservoir. UltrAspire know what it's like to be out on the trails for a long time, and the Alpha 3.0 has everything you need to make your next ultra event more comfortable. You get Plush feeling micro-fiber po... more »
  • Nathan Reservoir 2.0L / 70oz USD $49.82 $47.69
    Save 4%
    The Nathan BPA-free 2.0L Replacement Hydration Bladder is manufactured by Hydrapak, the leader in hydration for endurance sports. The reservoir includes a high-flow bite valve for easy hydration on the go. They also come with quick-release hoses for convenient cleaning and faster set-up in your favorite Nathan Race Vest. It has been specially designed to fit all the Nathan Vests and Packs, and can be easily removed and filled while leaving the hose threaded through the pack. The Reservoir can be turned inside-out for easy cleaning and the quick release opening means that the opening automatic... more »
  • Nathan HPL #020 Run Vest USD $178.20 $168.86
    Save 5%
    The Nathan Human Propulsion Laboratories HPL #020 Run Vest has been designed as a one size fits most pack that best fits the male torso. It has been upgraded yet again, this time with an even lighter and more breathable perforated back panel making it an ideal choice for your next ultra event. Weighing just 413g it gives you a super light, compact and stable hydration system for road and trail running. The HPL #020 comes equipped with a 2litre Hydrapak hydration reservoir so it gives you hours of hydration with another 4litres of storage for all your essentials. For extra hydration and easy ... more »
  • Nathan Intensity Run Vest Womens Fit USD $178.20 $168.58
    Save 5%
    The Nathan Intensity Run Vest has been designed to specifically fit the female form, and provides a compact and stable hydration system for road and trail running. It provides a total of 6litres of storage and comes equipped with a 2Litre Hydrapak hydration reservoir for hours of hydration yet leaving enough storage for all your essentials. For extra hydration and easy access a front right pocket is big enough to fit an extra bottle or softflask, while the left front zip pocket is smart phone compatible to help keep you connected when you're out hitting the trails. A 3-way Propulsion Harness ... more »
  • La Sportiva Akasha Trail Run Shoes USD $213.77 $195.95
    Save 8%
    The La Sportiva Akasha are an ultra-trail running shoe that offer great shock absorption, and are designed for long distance trails, Ultra-Marathons, Ultra-Trails and for use on long training sessions. Akasha, a Sanskrit word that stays for “ether”, is the La Sportiva Mountain Running shoe with the greatest shock absorption: dedicated to the world of endurance competitions. The Cushion Platform footbed provides excellent shock absorption and comfort together with the wide internal volume, the soft, breathable, and snug fitting uppers and a slip on construction that eliminates compress... more »
  • UltrAspire Zygos 2.0 Race Vest USD $213.77 $201.65
    Save 6%
    The UltrAspire Zygos 2.0 has been redesigned and provides a Lightweight, high capacity, wrap around style Running Hydration Vest with full compression for the lowest profile whether empty or fully loaded. Suitable for a fast running race, ultra marathon, summit assault, overnight “fast-packing” and even mountain biking. Now you can carry Z poles, and access bottom zippered pocket on the go. The UltrAspire Zygos 2.0 is available in three sizes for a more comfortable and solid feel and fit and comes equipped with a 2x 550ml UltraFlask bottles up front. Silicone and PU coated feather-weight... more »
  • Nathan Fireball 8 USD $171.00 $161.02
    Save 6%
    The Nathan Fireball 8litre is an ultra-lightweight race vest that has been designed for runners want a lightweight adn slimfitting vest that still provides storage and decent hydration. It's particularly suitable for warmer climates, as it helps keeps water colder for longer, with two 12 oz Insulated SpeedShot Flasks (included) for the front pockets. For those that require a higher level of hydration it is also compatible with the optional 1L or 1.5L Hydrapak bladder. For ensuring you have all the gear you need, an expandable main zippered pocket gives you easy access to your gear, while a ... more »
  • SIS GO Hydro Electrolyte Tabs 20 Tabs USD $11.33 - $90.67
    Save 9%
    SIS GO Hydro Tabs - 20tab Tubes rrp $15.90/$127.20 a box of 8tubes, now $14.50each, 4x Tubes for $56 ($14ea), or Boxlots of 8 Tubes now $107.20 (just $13.40ea). SiS GO Hydro Electrolyte Tabs provide you with essential electrolytes in a great tasting effervescent tab to ensure you are effectively hydrated to produce your best performance in your chosen sport. As an effervescent tablet that readily dissolves in plain water, it gives you an easy to use solution to proper hydration without any of the usual sugar and calories - simply drop one tablet in your 500 ml water bottle ... more »
  • PowerBar PowerGel Original (EU) USD $3.56 - $85.54
    Save 10%
    PowerBar PowerGel Original (EU) rrp $5ea/$120 a boxlot, now $4.50ea, 4x for $16, or boxlots 24x gels for $90. THREE Flavours to choose from, While stocks allow. PowerBar PowerGel Original (EU) gives you an easily absorbed dual carb source of fuel for optimum energy during endurance sports, along with industry leading levels of sodium*** to help replace lost electrolytes and aid hydration. The new improved packaging makes it transport stable, easier to open, and easier to empty completely whilst on the run or on the bike. For intense training or competition you should refuel... more »
  • SIS REGO Rapid Recovery 500g USD $22.03 $20.31
    Save 8%
    SiS REGO Rapid Recovery 500g provides endurance athletes with an all in one recovery formula. With 10serves per 500g tub, this makes it a great size for keeping in your training gear bag, for use after training, as well as being easily transported when competing in multi day events or at training camps. It has been formulated with a blend of complex carbohydrates and a small amount of fructose for maximum glycogen replenishment, with soy protein for muscle repair. To help ensure adequate rehydration you also get a full complement of electrolytes with added sodium, potassium, calcium and magnes... more »
  • SIS REGO Rapid Recovery 1.6kg USD $57.67 $56.24
    Save 2%
    SiS REGO Rapid Recovery in economy size 1.6kg provides endurance athletes with an all in one recovery formula. It has been formulated with a blend of complex carbohydrates and a small amount of fructose for maximum glycogen replenishment, with soy protein for muscle repair. To help ensure adequate rehydration you also get a full complement of electrolytes with added sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Each 1.6kg tub provides you with 32 serves, with 20grams protein per serve and around 22g carbs. SIS REGO Rapid Recovery helps you to get the most from your training and prepare you for you... more »
  • SIS GO Electrolyte Powder 1.6kg USD $43.41 $41.27
    Save 5%
    SiS GO Electrolyte 1.6kg Back Instore in THREE Flavours. SiS GO Electrolyte in 1.6kg tubs gives you Fast hydration plus sustained energy for before and during exercise and contains a blend of an easily digestible carbohydrate for energy as well as important electrolytes (such as sodium) that are required to promote optimal hydration. SiS GO Electrolyte is mixed at appropriate concentrations of carbohydrate (i.e. 36 grams of carbohydrate mixed as a 6% solution), sodium (20 mmol/L) and fluid (a 500 ml serving) in order to achieve the combined aims of both carbohydrate delivery... more »
  • Cytosport Cytocarb USD $35.57 $29.87
    Save 16%
    Cytosport CYTOCARB is designed to help serious endurance athletes get the carbohydrates they want without all the stuff they don't want. CYTOCARB is a 100% complex carbohydrate powder featuring long chains of energy supplying glucose molecules. It gives you 52grams of pure complex carbohydates per serve - no added simple sugars, no sucrose (table sugar), no fructose, it is zero fat, and low sodium. Cytocarb contains no flavouring, colouring, or artificial additives, so enables you to customize shakes and juices to double, or even triple, their carbohydrate content. Its versatility makes it an ... more »
  • GenR8 Vitargo Post 1.9kg USD $113.98 $103.28
    Save 9%
    GenR8 Vitargo Post Recovery Drink for Endurance Athletes. GenR8 Vitargo Post Recovery Formula harnesses the Same Day Recovery muscle refueling dominance of patented, sugar-free, and university validated Vitargo and couples it to an enzyme hydrolyzed whey protein, delivering a nearly bloat-free solution to POST-training, POST-race, and POST-competition nutrition. It has been designed to rapidly replace fuel and provide amino acids/protein to give you the fastest recovery, so that you can train and compete day after day. When taken after intense, long duration glycogen deple... more »
  • Buff Pack Run Visor USD $32.00 $29.87
    Save 7%
    The Buff Pack Run Visor is designed to give runners and endurance athletes outstanding protection in the sun, whilst providing minimal bulk when not in use. It can be packed down into a small pocket on your running vest or shorts, so you can pack it into a small ball and the Run Visor will spring right back, with the oversize visor maintaining its optimum shape. It is made from ultra-lightweight high-tech materials with panels made of of Fastwick Extra Plus fabric that enhances breathability and helps to wick moisture away keeping you cool and dry. The Pack Run Visor also has a special reflect... more »
  • SunWarrior Sol Good Vegan Protein Bars USD $3.56 - $42.77
    Save 4%
    NEW LOWER PRICE, now $4.80 each or boxlots just $55. SunWarrior Sol Good Bars gives you the benefits and great taste you know and love about Sunwarrior Vegan protein in a portable nutrition bar. Sun Warrior Sol Good Organic Protein Bars help fuel your active life with 17 to 19 grams of plant-based protein from organic brown rice protein, organic pea protein, and organic quinoa protein. Sunwarrior Sol Good Protein Bars are crafted from organic superfoods with organic cacao, quinoa, blueberry, sunflower butter, and coconut, and are Low Sugar, Soy Free, Gluten Free, D... more »
  • La Sportiva Ultra Raptor Shoes USD $185.26 $165.30
    Save 11%
    The La Sportiva Ultra Raptor mountain running shoe is for the adventurous runner who ventures off the beaten path, and designed for offroad ultra marathons and long training sessions. It has an all terrain sole for muddy trails and rocky, technical mountain runs. It packs the cushioning needed for long off road runs, with a forefoot rock guard and an ultra sticky rubber outsole geared towards all-day, long distance protection. A flexible rock plate guards the foot from nasty surprises and an aggressive outsole is ready for technical and rocky terrain. A supportive upper wraps the foot for a so... more »
  • SunWarrior Classic Plus Raw Plant Protein USD $35.57 - $71.21
    Save 10%
    New Sunwarrior Classic Plus Raw Plant Based Protein available in TWO sizes, 500g, and 1kg. Sunwarrior Classic Plus Vegan Protein powder enhances Sunwarrior’s original rice protein by blending in extra protein from Pea, Chia Seed, Quinoa, and Amaranth. This superfood protein combination still uses the gentle nature of whole-grain brown rice, but with a hefty dose of the strength that has made Sunwarrior Warrior Blend so popular. When you're looking for the ultimate in Plant Based protein, that not only tastes great but is good for you and the planet, you can't beat Sunwarri... more »
  • La Sportiva Helios 1.0 Trail Shoes Blue/Grey USD $171.00 $153.89
    Save 10%
    The La Sportiva Helios Blue/Grey is a low profile and lightweight trail running shoe that will get you from your door out onto the trails. The Helios Blue/Grey is available in more small half sizes so it's ideal for smaller feet. It's designed to give you optimal grip and support on rocky and hard trails, and features a dynamic midsole that adapts to the surface of the ground for optimal cushioning and protection, be it smooth pavement or technical terrain. A gusseted tongue construction in the upper keeps out trail debris and delivers a great fit, while breathable and quick draining mesh keep... more »
  • Polar M600 Running Smartwatch USD $392.04 $374.86
    Save 4%
    The all new Polar M600 GPS Sport Smartwatch is an Android Wear™ smartwatch designed to suit an active lifestyle. It's built on Google’s Android Wear smartwatch platform (runs on Android 4.3 or iOS 8.2),  and features an optical wrist-based heart rate monitoring so there's no need to wear a HR chest strap. For smarter fitness training you get integrated GPS, and built in Running software means that you can train for a running event with a personal and adaptive training plan in Polar Flow. Choose from four different targets, 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon, and get a training p... more »
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