Clif Bar - NZ's Best Range

Clif Bar Energy Shot Gels, Shot Bloks and Clif Energy Bars are the Official Energy suppliers for NZ IRONMAN 2017 and Ironman 70.3 2017 - FuelMe stocks the full Clif Bar Range, including Shot Bloks, Shot Gels and Energy Bars, and you can get them instore, or buy your IRONMAN nutrition supplies online from FuelME with fast shipping NZ wide. ON-COURSE FLAVOURS 2017 CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel: Chocolate, Razz, Citrus (25mg caffeine/serve) CLIF BLOKS™ Energy Chews: Mountain Berry, Orange (25mg caffeine/serve) CLIF Bar Mini’s (28g individually wrapped bite-size bars): White Chocolate Macadamia & Chocolate Chip - Mini's are not available to purchase. Exclusive to IRONMAN NZ.
  • CLIF SHOT Bloks FASTPAK 6 Flavours USD $4.20 $3.84
    Save 9%
    Mates Rates - Clif Shot Bloks rrp $7ea/$126 a boxlot, now $6.40ea, or $110 a boxlot. Clif Shot Bloks are bite sized carbohydrate cubes, that come in a pack of 6 chewable, 33 calorie bloks. They make it easy for endurance athletes and sports people to customize and track your caloric and electrolyte intake during long outings and races. With easily digested carbohydrates, sodium and added caffeine in 3 flavours, Clif Shot Bloks give enhanced energy and endurance during long distance training and endurance sports. The unique Fastpak packaging provides an overall smaller pack... more »
  • CLIF SHOT Energy Gel USD $2.40 $2.22
    Save 8%
    Mates Rates - Clif Shot Energy Gels rrp $4ea/$96 a boxlot, now $3.70ea or $79.90 a boxlot. Clif Shot Gels Now in FIVE Flavours. CLIF SHOT Energy Gel provides quick energy to endurance athletes while racing and training. With the new formula and flavors, getting energized between breaths has never been easier. Clif Shot gels use a blend of complex carbs from maltodextrin combined with simple sugars from organic dried cane syrup. This blend of carbohydratess helps enhance overall carbohydrate absorption leading to better energy and endurance over long events and training... more »
  • CLIF bars USD $2.40 $2.22
    Save 8%
    Mates Rates - Clif Bar Energy Bars rrp $4ea/$48 a boxlot, now $3.70ea or $42 a boxlot ($3.50each), while stocks allow. NEW FLAVOUR - Sierra Trail Mix. Clif Bars are one of FuelMe's most popular energy bars, available in NINE great tasting flavours including new Sierra Trail Mix and Cool Mint Chocolate. They are super easy to eat when on the run or on the bike, or even sitting in your office chair. And Clif Bars come in so many great tasting flavours it's hard to choose a favourite. With a mix of carbohydrates, protein and fiber, CLIF Bars supply you with the extra energy an... more »
  • CLIF bars Special USD $28.83 $18.02
    Save 38%
    EVEN CRAZIER FUELSAVER - Clif Bar Energy Bars rrp $48 a boxlot, were $34 a boxlot NOW JUST $30 a box, Special extended, while stocks allow. (Product Short Dated.) We've still got a load of short dated Clif Bar Energy bars instore in Crunchy Peanut Butter and are dropping the price even more. Right now you can score them for just $30 a box/thats $2.50 a bar! They're all dated best before July 2018 so still got loads of life left in them. Clif Bars are one of FuelMe's most popular energy bars,. They are super easy to eat when on the run or on the bike, or even sitting in y... more »
  • Energy Bar Trial Pack - New Selection USD $44.14 $40.54
    Save 8%
    NEW SELECTION OF 15 ENERGY BARS. We've put together 15 of our most popular energy bars so you can try them out and decide which one does the business for you. You get a selection of flavours from Em's Power Cookie Bars, Clif Bar, Hammer Nutrition, Powerbar, Enervit, and Blue dinosaur Paleo bars.... more »
  • Energy Gel Trial Pack 1 USD $26.43 $23.96
    Save 9%
    The FuelMe Energy Gel Trial Pack is a great way to find out what flavours you prefer and which gel works best for you. This pack includes a selection of 12 of our most popular energy gels. Our all new selection now includes Six of the Biggest Names in the Endurance business - Power Bar, GU, Clif Bar, Hammer Gel, Leppin Sport, and Endura.... more »