Brand: HCH Formulas

  • HCH Anti Jet Lag USD $16.03
    ANTI JET-LAG Spray can help clear the head and restore your body clock after a long flight. Anti Jet-Lag has been developed specifically to help fight the effects of long hours in the air and crossing time-zones. This spray is natural, non-addictive and drug free, containing no stimulants. Again a low potency Homeopathic formula which can be used with any other medication or supplements, and be given to children to help them deal with the stress of flying long distance. Long-haul flights are strenuous for the body – cramped seating, cabin pressure, recycled air and shifting time-zones can le... more »
  • HCH Revive USD $16.03
    Revive spray is equally suitable for use during long duration ultra endurance events as well as just getting through your day at work when the pressure gets you down. Whenever you’re feeling like you’ve hit the wall, Revive can help you get up and get going again. Ideal for athletes, shift workers, busy mothers, long-distance drivers and students under study pressure, Revive helps your system cope with the physical and mental onset of exhaustion. Just a spray or two will provide a natural energy boost and increased mental clarity during times when you need to stay on top of your game. REVI... more »
  • HCH Endurance USD $16.03
    HCH Endurance Spray is formulated to naturally maximize your performance, increase your endurance, and speed up your recovery during periods of physical activity. ENDURANCE is a combination of five homeopathic remedies combined to help athletes maintain a high level of physical exertion for long periods, mimimise the onset of cramp and aid recovery. Simply take Endurance at regular intervals during exercise, to help limit Lactic Acid build up, minimize muscle fatigue, prevent cramp, pain and stiffness. Ideal for high performance athletes, trampers, gardeners,walkers, cyclists, golfers, hunter... more »
  • Cramp Stop USD $16.09
    CRAMP-STOP Spray Homeopathic formula is formulated to stop an acute muscle cramp that may occur from an electrolyte imbalance or during times of physical exertion, or long endurance activites. Spray one dose of CRAMP-STOP under the tongue when the spasm comes on, and it will start to alleviate the cramp immediately. You can repeat in 30-60 seconds if symptoms are severe. Cramp stop is available in a 25ml Spray bottle or in a 100ml refill bottle for refilling the sprayer. (Crampstop spray has been rebranded from HCH to NZ Natural Formulas, the product remains the same).... more »