Leppin Sport Endurance Supplements

Leppin Sport produce some of NZ's most popular Endurance supplements including Leppin Squeezy, the original energy gel, Enduro Booster and Leppin Big Squeeze. FuelMe carries the full range of Leppin supplements instore or buy online for fast shipping NZ wide and Worldwide.
  • Leppin Endurance Athlete 1kg USD $38.67 $37.48
    Save 3%
    Leppin Endurance Athlete 1kg now instore at FuelMe in Chocolate or Vanilla. Leppin Sport Endurance Athlete is a Recovery Protein drink designed especially for Endurance Athletes to help speed up recovery from long duration endurance sport training and events. It may also aid weight management, and provide teh building blocks for muscle development and muscle repair to aid strength. It's specifically designed for those involved in endurance training who desire high performance recovery but also want to build strength. (NEW PACKAGING - Now sold in Foil bags).... more »
  • Leppin Active Woman USD $35.69 $32.71
    Save 8%
    Leppin Active Woman 700g back instock, New Foil Packaging Leppin Active Woman is a low carbohydrate, sports meal supplement and post exercise drink designed especially for women, to help aid and improve recovery from training, improve muscle tone and increase fat loss. With high protein content from fast digesting whey, Active Woman has been designed to enhance your recovery and provide the bare building blocks (amino acids) for increased muscle tone, definition and strength. Being low carb and low fat, with added fat metabolisers, it's ideal for aiding weight management or ... more »
  • Leppin Big Squeeze 1 Litre USD $27.35 $24.97
    Save 9%
    Leppin Big Squeeze now available in ORANGE Flavour - plus top selling Lemon Lime or Unflavoured, all new 1 Litre bottle. Leppin Big Squeeze Carbohydrate replacement Refill Pack, the essential product for endurance and multisport athletes. Each Big Squeeze bottle provides the equivalent of 22 x 45gram Leppin Squeezy's with each serve providing around 24 grams of carbohydrates. The new 1 Litre container no longer includes the Free Slingshot bottle. NB - NEW FORMULA - Leppin Big Squeeze and Squeezy No Longer Contains Added Sodium Salts, or Potassium Salts. Sodium C... more »
  • Leppin Carbo Loader USD $15.43 $14.24
    Save 8%
    NEW FORMULA LEPPIN CARBO LOADER NOW AVAILABLE - 600g, 1kg and 2kg sizes. Leppin Carbo Loader provides pure complex carbohydrates derived from hydrolysed corn starch coupled with a small amount of fructose, uses natural flavours, and naturally sweeetned with stevia. It is designed to be used as a Pre-Event Carbohydrate Loader for endurance athletes, that are carbo-loading for endurance sport and sporting events. It yields six times as much energy as the same volume of Isotonic glucose. It is now established practice for sports people to ingest high levels of carbohydrates for ... more »
  • Leppin Enduro Booster USD $16.03 $14.60
    Save 9%
    Leppin Enduro Booster 600g, 1kg, and 2kg instock now In Lemon Lime, or Orange flavours. NZ's favourite Fluid and energy replacement, Leppin Enduro Booster is FuelMe's biggest selling carbohydrate and electrolyte formula. Provides a blend of Complex carbohydrates & electrolytes to prevent nutritional depletion and restore energy sources during exercise. Please note - Leppin Enduro Booster is now sold in ziplock foil bags not in plastic tubs. New Formulation, changes to electrolyte profile are shown below in Nutrition info panel.... more »
  • Leppin Enduro Booster Concentrate 1litre USD $19.60 $17.82
    Save 9%
    IT'S BACK - Leppin Enduro Booster Liquid 1litre Back instock due to overwhelming demand. New Formula, no longer contains added electrolytes. Leppin Enduro Booster Liquid Concentrate is an easy to mix Fluid and Energy Replacement. Providing Complex carbohydrates to prevent nutritional depletion and restore energy sources during exercise. Leppin Enduro Booster is designed to be mixed and taken whether simply training or actually competing in events. Each 1 litre bottle of concentrate mixes up into 8 litres of drink, enough for 10 to 12 bottles worth. ... more »
  • Leppin R3 2kg USD $77.40 $70.01
    Save 10%
    LEPPIN R3 RECOVERY 2kg BACK INSTOCK. Leppin R3 was put together for the purpose of creating a product that would cover all the ‘post-workout’ bases. Many of our athletes were taking a myriad of different products straight after training so we quite simply put together a cost effective product that provides just about everything you’d ever want straight after training. (Now sold in Resealable Silver Foil Bags).... more »
  • Leppin Squeezy Energy Gel 10 pack USD $14.84 $14.00
    Save 6%
    TWO NEW SQUEEZIE FLAVOURS - Orange, and Blackcurrant - Now SIX flavours to choose from. Squeezy Gel by Leppin Sport is the original energy gel and is a portable and easy to use. It's probably NZ's best known energy gel, with Leppin Sport getting behind endurance sports events across New Zealand. It is the essential product for endurance and multisport athletes and provides 24grams of carbs from Maltodextrin and Fructose for steady and sustained energy release. Used every 45 minutes for optimum effect to help keep you going through extended training sessions and endura... more »
  • Leppin Squeezy Energy Gel 30 pack USD $41.71 $38.07
    Save 9%
    TWO NEW SQUEEZY FLAVOURS - Orange, and Blackcurrant - Now FIVE flavours to choose from. Leppin Squeezy 30 Gel Pack for Serious Squeezy Energy Gel Fans. Everyone knows Leppin Sport and just about everyone must have used their famous Squeezy Gel. It's portable, easy to use and gives you 24g of carbs from complex carbs and a small amount of fructose, without excess simple sugars. The Squeezy 30 pack is for the serious energy gel user and gives you the best valued energy gel around. NB - NEW FORMULA - Leppin Squeezy No Longer Contains Added Sodium Salts, or Pota... more »