Brand: Natures Kiss

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    Natures Kiss Anti-Flamme is a Herbal Based Topical Créme designed to soothe those strained muscles, joint aches, bumps, bruises and injuries of life. It's an easy to use and east to apply cream that should be the first choice for strained muscles, joint aches, and common sports injuries.... more »
  • Nature Kiss Chafe-Ease 90g USD $11.98 $11.18
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    Chafe-Ease by Natures Kiss is a Thick, smooth, body lubricant designed to protect and heals sensitive areas prone to chaffing/irritation during cycling, running and playing sports. Contains Calendula, Hypericum and 8 Essential oils of Tea Tree and Lavender. Can be applied directly to skin, and can be used as a cycle chamois cream.... more »