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Polar Heart Rate Monitors - NZ's Biggest Range

Polar Heart Rate Monitors help you keep track of your training and have been manufacturing Heart Rate Monitors for over 30 years. Polar provides the most comprehensive product range of HRM's in the industry with fantastic starter models like Polar FT1 and FT2 that help motivate and inform beginners and regular exercisers, all the way up to the new Polar V800 for triathletes, and M400 for runners with integrated GPS, providing a complete training system for world champion athletes across numerous disciplines. FuelMe offers the best range and best prices in NZ, with super fast next working day delivery, or call instore to check out the range and find out what's best for you.
  • Polar A360 Fitness Tracker HRM USD $223.14 $179.69
    Save 19%
    Polar A360 fitness tracker now just $289.90, Limited stock at this price. The New Polar A360 fitness tracker is here with Wrist Based Heart rate measurement, sleep monitor, Day time activity tracker, and Smart Watch features including a Colour Touch Screen and Smart Phone pairing. The Polar A360 gives you everything you need to stay fit and connected to your world. It measures your heart rate, physical activity, training, steps, calories, and even your sleep patterns. It includes the Polar specific Activity Guide, which supports you with motivational feedback to help you re... more »
  • Polar Bluetooth Smart Cadence Sensor USD $61.98 $52.69
    Save 15%
    The all new Polar Bluetooth Cadence Sensor is compatible with Polar V800 and V650, as well as iPhone 4S and later, and selected Android devices (4.3) including Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, allowing you to use dozens of leading fitness apps. The sensor works with Bluetooth Smart technology and consumes only a small amount of energy. Using a cadence sensor with your cycle training will help you boost your cycling performance and find out what your most efficient pedaling rate is, and you can later analyse your training at the Polar Flow web service.... more »
  • Polar Bluetooth Smart Cadence and Speed Sensor Combo USD $86.78 $80.52
    Save 7%
    The Polar Bluetooth Cadence Sensor and Speed sensor combo pack allows you to accurately measure your pedal cadence to find out what your most efficient pedaling rate is, plus measure your speed and distance accurately. Both sensors use Bluetooth Smart technology, making them compatible with Polar V800 and V650, as well as iPhone 4S and later, and selected Android devices (4.3) including Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, allowing you to use dozens of leading fitness apps. ... more »
  • Polar CS Cadence Sensor USD $37.19 $29.75
    Save 20%
    Cadence Sensor Set for Polar Cycle Computers. The Wireless cadence sensor measures the speed at which you turn the pedals of your bicycle to help improve cycling performance and efficiency.... more »
  • Polar CS Speed sensor and Bike Mount USD $55.78 $46.18
    Save 17%
    The Polar CS speed sensor W.I.N.D. and Twist Lock Bike Mount set works with the CS600x cycle computer, and is an aerodynamic and light cycling speed sensor for wireless speed and distance measurement. It includes a twist lock bike mount to attach to your bike’s stem or handlebar, giving you an optimal view of your cycling data. The CS Speed Sensor measures your current, average and maximum speeds and provides Interference-free data which helps you evaluate and analyze your individual performance more accurately. With the twist lock bike mount you can easily attach and detach your cycling com... more »
  • Polar G5 GPS Clip USD $12.40 $9.92
    Save 20%
    The extremely small and light clip for your Polar G5 GPS sensor is effortless to attach and easy to wear. The sensor snaps into clip, and keeps up with your training in any outdoor sport. Its convenient clip attachment allows you to start training in an instant.... more »
  • Polar LOOP Activity Tracker USD $117.77 $76.55
    Save 35%
    STOCK CLEARANCE POLAR Loop Activity Tracker, rrp $190, now $123.50 save 35% OFF RRP. The Polar LOOP Activity Tracker is purposely designed for everybody that wants to track their activity 24/7 and get guidance to help you reach your activity goals. An Activity Guide helps you stay active all day long and gives you tips on how to reach your goal eg. Jog 37 mins,or walk 1hr 24, or do light activity such as housework or playing pool 4hr 40. The Activity Benefit feature gives feedback about your daily, weekly and monthly activity, while displaying daily activity, calories burned,... more »
  • Polar LOOP2 Activity Tracker USD $136.36 $98.86
    Save 28%
    The most advanced activity tracker available. The Upgraded Loop2 weighs in at just 38grams and now has a soft touch silicon wrist strap, and unlike most other activity trackers, the LOOP2 is fully waterproof with aWR20 rating (that's 20 meters), meaning it helps you do more than ever. It tracks your steps and distance from steps, features and Inactivity Alert that Reminds you with vibration to get up after 55 minutes of sitting and add active breaks to your daily routines. It lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned with SmartCalories, using a personalised algorithm based on y... more »
  • Polar M400 GPS NON HR USD $216.94 $204.48
    Save 6%
    The Polar M400 NON HR comes without the H7 heart rate sensor as a lower cost option making it an unbeatable price for those looking for a full featured integrated GPS sports watch. It includes all the HR features however without the transmitter and is ideal if you already own an H7 heart rate sensor, or you are not wanting Heart Rate functionality. The M400 is designed for runners looking for GPS functionality combined in a sporty and compact design. The M400 gives you integrated GPS and advanced training features, along with all the options you need to keep an eye on your full days activity, ... more »
  • Polar M400 GPS with HR USD $247.93 $224.93
    Save 9%
    The Polar M400 is designed for urban and trail runners looking for GPS functionality combined in a sporty and compact design. The M400 gives you integrated GPS and advanced training features, along with all the options you need to keep an eye on your full days activity, even including the quality of your sleep. Weighing in at a super light 56 grams, and in a slim casing, the M400 provides a great everyday watch, yet packs loads of the GPS functions found in much bigger and normally bulky GPS watches. You get GPS accurate Distance and Speed/Pace, plus Altitude, including ascent and descent show... more »
  • Polar M450 Changeable Cover USD $18.59 $14.88
    Save 20%
    With the Polar M450 Cycle Computer you can easily customize almost every detail and make it the perfect fit for you. Swap in a colour cover to match the look of your M450 to your bike and gear.... more »
  • Polar M450 HR GPS Bike Computer USD $216.94 $198.28
    Save 9%
    The Polar M450 GPS bike computer designed to support all riding styles and goals, with a smaller screen than the V650, it still packs all the features you need in a Stylish, customizable and super value package. All the crucial elements of a modern GPS bike computer are there, including a barometer and heart rate and cycling sensor compatibility. To get even more out of your rides, we’ve thrown in the familiar Polar-only features. You Get GPS to track your speed, distance and route with state-of-the-art GPS powered by a fast satellite connection. Back to Start feature helps you find your way... more »
  • Polar M600 Running Smartwatch USD $340.90 $325.97
    Save 4%
    Out of Stock
    The all new Polar M600 GPS Sport Smartwatch is an Android Wear™ smartwatch designed to suit an active lifestyle. It's built on Google’s Android Wear smartwatch platform (runs on Android 4.3 or iOS 8.2),  and features an optical wrist-based heart rate monitoring so there's no need to wear a HR chest strap. For smarter fitness training you get integrated GPS, and built in Running software means that you can train for a running event with a personal and adaptive training plan in Polar Flow. Choose from four different targets, 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon, and get a training p... more »
  • Polar Magnet set Speed Sensor CS USD $12.40 $11.71
    Save 6%
    Polar Magnet set Speed Sensor CS. Easy-to-attach magnet set for CS speed sensor™. This set includes everything you need for an easy and quick replacement. Attaches to the front wheel spokes - can be used with bladed spokes. Compatible with all Polar cycle units.... more »
  • Polar Soft Strap USD $24.73 $23.86
    Save 4%
    The new POLAR WearLink+ strap is the ultimate strap for your Polar wireless transmitter. With sophisticated graphics, soft fabrics, a side opening hook for easy usage and new connector attachment, it’s the perfect solution to get your sensor strapped up and you ready to train. (The plastic transmitter is not included). Comes in 2 sizes XS-S, M-XXLThe XS-S will fit a 22" chest to a 38" chest.The M-XXL will fit a 27" chest to a 60" chest.... more »
  • Polar T31C Coded Transmitter USD $49.59 $48.04
    Save 3%
    Out of Stock
    At the heart of your training is the coded T31. Its purpose is simple: to transmit your heart rate to your wrist unit. Slim and light, the ECG (electrocardiogram) accurate transmitter is fully water resistant and designed for all weather conditions... more »
  • Polar Universal Bike Mount USD $12.40 $10.54
    Save 15%
    Your Polar wrist unit is so versatile that you can either wear it on your wrist, or using the Universal Bike Mount, attach it to your handlebar to easily view your training data whilst riding your bike.... more »
  • Polar V650 HR GPS Cycle Computer USD $322.31 $292.50
    Save 9%
    Out of Stock
    The long awaited Polar V650 Cycle computer is here. It's designed for cyclists wanting to analyze every aspect of their riding and boost their cycling performance, with full featured Bluetooth Smart Heart rate measurement and full featured integrated GPS, it gives speed and distance, location, back-to-start, and route tracking in Polar Flow service, and lets you follow every detail on the large 2.8" colour touch screen. The V650 provides the most accurate altitude data with the built-in barometric pressure sensor, Shows ascent/descent, inclinometer, real time VAM (mean ascent velocity) and alt... more »
  • Polar V800 HR GPS Javier Gomez Combo USD $495.86 $449.31
    Save 9%
    Out of Stock
    The Polar V800 is an advanced GPS sports watch for enthusiasts and professional athletes who want to reach peak performance. This Javier Gómez Noya Special Edition comes with Polar V800, H7 heart rate sensor, Bluetooth Smart Cadence Sensor, and Universal Bike Mount. This combo gives you ultimate Bluetooth based, all in one, GPS Heartrate monitor for Triathletes. The Polar V800 is aimed at professional and serious athletes looking for the best training device for enhancing performance. Offering 30meters water resistance and Polar's Hybrid transmitter which gives heart rate eve... more »
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