R-Line Electrolyte Drink now available at FuelMe. R-Line stands for Rehydrate, Refuel and Rebound; the core uses of any properly formulated sports drink.
  • R-Line Nitro400 Beetroot Concentrate 500ml USD $16.03 Temporarily Out of Stock - Available to Back Order
    R-Line Nitro400 Beetroot Juice contains concentrated beetroot juice. A 500ml bottle is the equivalent of over 2 litres of regular beetroot juice, and contains around 2000mg of dietary nitrates. Each recommended 100ml serve giving you 400mg of dietary nitrates. It's ideal for sports people and endurance athletes looking for that extra performance boost from a natural nitrate hit from beetroot. Smaller serves can be used at regular intervals throughout the day for optimising nitrate levels, or for nitrate loading before endurance events. Nitrate level: 4g/L = 0.4g per 100ml... more »
  • R-Line Electrolyte Drink 1litre USD $11.86 $11.26
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    R-Line Electrolyte drink in 1 litre liquid concentrate form and SIX great flavours, has been specifically designed for endurance athletes to aid performance and provide fast hydration. It's packed with the perfect combination of carbs and electrolytes with high amounts of sodium at 226mg per 250ml serve, and a blend of three carbohydrates so you can go faster and harder, for longer. R-Line differs to most other formulas in that it comes in liquid format - the one litre concentrated bottle can make 40 x 250ml serves to give you 10 litres of electrolyte drink. With a wide range of tasty, natura... more »