Brand: Red8

  • Red8 Rice Protein Unflavoured USD $17.82 $16.98
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    Red8 Rice protein is a 100% pure Rice protein powder, with no added colours, flavours or sweeteners. Rice protein is a complete protein source providing all the essential amino acids you need for recovery from training, and is ideal for anyone looking for an alternative to dairy or animal based proteins. It can be used post training or throughout the day, Rice Protein makes a filling shake that helps aid muscle tone and makes a great low sugar, low fat meal alternative. Due to it's slightly grainy texture, it is recommended to be blended and can be made into a healthy high protein energy packe... more »
  • Red8 Whey Protein 4kg USD $131.02 $119.11
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    You can get NZ's finest whey protein concentrate at the lowest price with RED8 Pure Whey Protein Concentrate in a massive, economy sized 4kg bag, with fast free shipping NZ wide. Red8 uses all natural sweeteners and provides the highest quality undenatured, low temperature, Instantised Ultra Filtered whey protein concentrate, which helps to retain the important whey microfractions that can help aid immune system and recovery from training. Made right here in NZ and containing no artificial flavours or sweeteners, just 100% pure Whey Protein Concentrate. ... more »
  • Red8 Whey Protein 500g USD $23.18 $21.39
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    Red8 Whey Protein - top quality and super value. RED8 Pure Whey Protein Concentrate uses all natural sweeteners and provides the highest quality undenatured, whey protein concentrate. Red8 Whey protein is sourced and produced from NZ produced milk, contains no artificial flavours, and has been naturally sweetened with Stevia, and instantised for easy mixing in a shaker or blender. ... more »