Ultraspire Run Gear

UltrAspire is now available in NZ from FuelME with fast shipping NZ wide, Free Exchanges and Lifetime returns. UltrAspire was created by Bryce Thatcher, who started all this hydration lark back in 1986 when he solved his hydration problems by taking matters into his own hands-crafting his first hydration pack on his mother’s sewing machine. UltrAspire is always pushing the envelope. Inspired by athletes the difference is huge. The difference is love of adventure, the great outdoors, and realizing dreams. Feel the comfort, fit, freedom of movement, functionality, and ease of use that 30 years of testing and perfecting can bring.
  • UltrAspire UltraFlask 550ml USD $17.20 $15.77
    Save 8%
    The UltrAspire UltraFlask 550ml bottle is a cross between a soft flask and a regular rigid sports bottle. It gives you all the benefits of the sport bottle without the downsides and all the benefits of a soft flask without the usual problems such as taste and staining from carbohydrate drinks. This great feeling, easy stowing bottle is light weight and super-squeezable, easy to clean, and has high valve flow and fast recharge. It super soft, flat and stable against the body, yet is is easily accessed and returned to a vest pocket even when empty.... more »
  • UltrAspire C2 Race Cup 210ml USD $8.60 $7.97
    Save 7%
    The UltrAspire C2 Race Cup gives you a reusable, affordable and eco-friendly way to stay hydrated on the run, while greatly reducing the amount of waste generation and environmental impact of a paper cup. It’s a great racing companion and a race director’s dream. The C2 Racecup is super lightweight, and holds 210mls of cold or hot drinks, and is designed to be able to be quickly and easily stashed in your packet or running vest when not in use.... more »
  • UltrAspire Quantum 2.0 Waistpack USD $45.81 $35.49
    Save 23%
    STOCK TAKE SALE UltrAspire Quantum 2.0 Waistpack - rrp $79.90, now $61.90, while stocks last. The UltrAspire Quantum 2.0 is the most comfortable waist pack you'll ever wear. It's been designed to be super lightweight, and is made out of stretch mesh fabric for lower pack weight whilst providing huge cooling and breathability. It features UltrAspires Max O2 Waist attachment system which provides for better range of movement and easier to get on with enhanced adjustability. It provides great features for stashing all your essential items close at hand, with a Magnon Electro... more »
  • UltrAspire IO Waistpack USD $34.35 $27.47
    Save 20%
    STOCK TAKE SALE - UltraSpire IO Wasit pack rrp $59.90, now $47.90, While stocks last. The UltrAspire IO waistpack is about as minimalist as you can get whilst still providing an essential running accessory. A sweet new waist pack stripped down for the minimalist ethic with soft elastic breathable mesh compartment that has unbelievable capacity. It's Simple and lightweight, and features reflective hits. The IO is perfect running pack for an early morning or twilight road run to help you be safe and seen, and also makes a great accessory for shorter trail runs when you don'... more »
  • UltrAspire Velocity 2.0 Race Vest USD $143.35 $135.26
    Save 6%
    The UltrAspire Velocity 2.0 is a new addition to the UltrAspire range and provides a full-featured but lightweight 7 liter capacity racing pack. With it’s universal one size fits all sizing, this pack functions well for a wide range of people with varying needs. Lightweight and compressible for the minimalist crowd yet still enough capacity for those events where more is needed. . It comes equipped with two supersoft 550mL UltraFlask bottles up front along with the Dual Max O2 Sternum straps, a hook-type attachment system with enhanced recoil for better range of motion, and allowing you to ... more »
  • UltrAspire Spry 2.0 Race Vest USD $86.01 $78.50
    Save 9%
    The UltrAspire Spry 2.0 is a super lightweight minimalist running vest, built using a reliable classic styling and beautiful fit that doesn’t cut the wearer or place undue weight on the neck or shoulders, providing over 3litres of carrying capacity. The 2.0 updated version now features the new MaxO2 sternum system, which once adjusted for proper fit, there is no slippage or change in tension, allowing full movement through the chest and unrestricted deep breathing without any loss of stability. At the front of the vest you get dual trash pockets on bottom side of front shoulder straps, plus ... more »
  • UltrAspire Revolution 2.0 Race Vest USD $149.02 $140.42
    Save 6%
    The new UltrAspire Revolution 2.0 Race Vest gives you the ultimate performance pack, inspired by the UltrAspire European racing team. It uses the same lightweight design as the original Revolution with its classic footprint and fit, but has been upgraded to carry 5.2litres of gear and hydration, with Increased front gear carrying capacity for access on the go, and lighter weight rear holster with mesh sleeve to hold bottle in position - One side for bottle carriage, the other for foods or other essentials. the Revolution 2.0 comes standard with 26 oz. human bottle with finger loop that is qui... more »
  • UltrAspire Formula 250 Bottle USD $17.20 $16.00
    Save 7%
    Temporarily Out of Stock - Available to Back Order
    The new UltrAspire Formula 250 Bottle gives you an easy to squeeze soft silicon bottle for use with thick energy gels, mashed up food, powders or any of your favourite endurance fuel, with a special flip top cap for easy fueling on the run. With a large flow and flip top cap combination, this dishwasher safe, silicone bottle is perfect for just about anything you want to fuel on. The silicone material is durable, flexible, stain-resistant, taste free, odor free, and BPA Free. It even has a handy bottom loop for hanging upside down to dry or attaching to your gear. Shaped for quick and easy sto... more »
  • UltrAspire Collapsible Bottle USD $19.50 $18.35
    Save 6%
    Out of Stock
    The UltrAspire Collapsible bottle gives you 500ml capacity, combined with an extra long straw for ease of use when out on the run. The soft bottle features UltrAspires Infusion Valve and Red tube which delivers a high flow making it easier to drink from. You can trim the tube to any preferred length, so you can fit teh bottle in your frant vest pocket and adjust the straw to suit. No need to remove and restuff the flask back in the pocket. Fits in the front vest pockets of UltrAspire run vests and most other packs, for quick access and hands-free delivery. The Infusion Valve is a push/pull v... more »
  • UltrAspire IsoVersa USD $36.70 $34.92
    Save 5%
    The new UltrAspire IsoVersa bottle is a great way to stay hydrated on the run providing an innovative and versatile way to carry your hydration. Due to its unique angled design and hand grip, the IsoVerse accommodates a myriad choices for hand positioning with no gripping necessary. Providing 600ml of hydration, it's ideal for running shorter trail runs, or pair up with an UltrAspire Run vest or run belt for added hydration during events. The bottle is positioned above the hand and closer to the body for better dynamics and less energy expenditure.... more »
  • UltrAspire Astral Womens Vest USD $143.32 $133.31
    Save 7%
    Out of Stock
    The UltrAspire Astral running Vest finally gives female runners an hydration vest that doesn’t squish the chest while providing comfortable fit and style. The UltrAspire designed Curve harness: helps you Breathe easier and is designed to free the chest from the pressure of pockets, weight, bounce and excess fabric. Also provides some support when properly worn for that purpose. It's the only harness which will accommodate a wide range of beautiful shapes and sizes. Kitted out with the 2Litre Hydrapak reservoir, the Astral features our new soft touch binding, large quick stash with increased... more »
  • UltrAspire Alpha 3.0 Race Vest USD $137.56 $127.24
    Save 8%
    The UltrAspire Alpha 3.0 Race Vest is better than ever. The Alpha 2.0 was a super popular pack offering a great size, and comfortable fit even over a long haul. UltrAspire have included everything you know and love from the 2.0, however the 3.0 now has a zippered back elastic mesh compartment for more capacity and versatility, and you now get 2x 550ml UltraFlasks instead of the 2Litre reservoir. UltrAspire know what it's like to be out on the trails for a long time, and the Alpha 3.0 has everything you need to make your next ultra event more comfortable. You get Plush feeling micro-fiber pol... more »
  • UltrAspire Zygos 2.0 Race Vest USD $180.62 $162.21
    Save 10%
    The UltrAspire Zygos 2.0 has been redesigned and provides a Lightweight, high capacity, wrap around style Running Hydration Vest with full compression for the lowest profile whether empty or fully loaded. Suitable for a fast running race, ultra marathon, summit assault, overnight “fast-packing” and even mountain biking. Now you can carry Z poles, and access bottom zippered pocket on the go. The UltrAspire Zygos 2.0 is available in three sizes for a more comfortable and solid feel and fit and comes equipped with a 2x 550ml UltraFlask bottles up front. Silicone and PU coated feather-weight... more »