2XU Compression Calf Sleeves

Compression Socks and Calf Sleeves: 2XU Compression Calf Sleeves
2XU Calf Sleeve
2XU Calf Sleeve Sizing
2XU Calf Sleeve Sizing
2XU Calf Sleeve
2XU Calf Sleeve
The all new 2XU Compression Calf Sleeves use a seamless construction to create the ultimate graduated sleeve for calf muscle and lower leg protection. Designed to encase from the upper calf to lower ankle, the graduated compression sleeve applies the correct pressure in the calf to increase circulation while sedentary or support the calf, shin and Achilles when worn during activity, and to promote increased circulation for recovery. Highest power denier fabric gives targeted support to calf and shins, which results in reduced fatigue through less muscle oscillation, reduced muscle soreness, and greater power output over longer duration. The 2XU Calf Sleeves are great for activities on land or water when you want to “feel” with your feet or if you prefer to wear your own socks.
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2XU Calf Sleeve VS Calf Guard

Compression Guards:: A light weight muscle containment piece great for all activities with extreme moisture managment and UPF50+ sun protection.
Compression Sleeves:: With a thicker fabric than the guard, 2XU sleeves offer powerful graduated compression great for all-purpose activities and recovery.

• Increased circulation and oxygenation of muscles
• Graduated compression fit for a faster recovery
• Highest power denier targeted support calf + shins
• Reduced muscle fatigue + damage in lower legs

1. 250 Denier compression fabric with enhanced power to support the shin, calf and ankle.
2. Medical circular 360 degree knit construction creates a consistent yet powerful pressure
3. Seamless construction and knit structure for enhanced power and support.
4. Soft to the hand, breathable and moisture wicking.
5. Flatlock seams to reduce chafe for greater comfort.
6. Antibacterial and UPF50+ sun protection

PWX technology utilises 2 unique fabrics; PWX Compression and 105D/K. Each fabric contains the following product enhancing features:
1. Superior grade circular knit for 360º stretch + unsurpassed power
2. Highest grade elastane yarns with invista lycra®
3. Antibacterial + moisture wicking
4. UPF 50+ sun protection
5. Flat Lock stitching for maximum comfort.

For specific sizing, please refer to the Size Chart, taking into consideration that if you're near the borderline for sizes or you wish to wear your compression garment primarily for recovery purposes, be sure to choose the smaller size where possible.

Fabric Content: 80% Nylon / 20% Elastane