SKINS A400 Womens Speed Crop

Compression Tops: SKINS A400 Womens Speed Crop
Skins New A400 Speed Crop
Skins New A400 Speed Crop
Skins New A400 Speed Crop
STOCK TAKE SALE Save 60% OFF Skins A400 Womens Speed Crop Tops. Special while stocks last. The A400 Women’s Crop Top is both a sports bra or a sports top. You can wear it as a sports bra under your normal tops or wear the A400 Women’s Crop Top on its own. Designed to support you where you need it most it features removable cups to allow you to adjust the top to your requirements and ensure a perfectly customised fit, whilst the flat, wide front zip is lockable to prevent involuntary opening while allowing you to get in and out of the garment very easily. The soft elastic under the bust absorbs moisture and ensures a comfortable fit. The Power Mesh inserts offer breathability and ventilation during sweaty workouts and the racer-back construction features soft and wide neoprene straps which keep the top in place. The Women’s Crop Top features ADAPTIVE Technology to help ensure you maintain the optimal temperature - you can train at 30°C outside in the height of summer or in a cool, climate controlled gym. ADAPTIVE Technology supplies you with the optimal body climate, like a second skin. If you prefer long workouts or late training sessions in the dark, the reflective details will keep you safe.
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Featuring all new A-Seam technology for comfort and durability without chafing, A-Seams are up to 30% stronger than standard stitching making your SKINS even more durable than before. Plus new fabric technology "ADAPTIVE by HeiQ" controls your temperature, and keeps you warm when it's cold, and helps keep you cool and dry when it's hot.

If you're a runner out training late at night or early morning, added premium reflective glass bead technology into the graphics makes them come alive in low light means you’re seen during those early morning or late evening runs.

Features of the New A400 Series Speed Crop Top

Medium impact support

ADAPTIVE Technology keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot

A-Seams for comfort and durability without chafing

360 degree reflectivity

Racer back construction for freedom of movement

Slick Neoprene straps for comfort – will not dig into shoulders

Removable cups for customised fit

Front semi-automatic lockable zip makes it easy to get on and off

Brushed terry under bust support absorbs moisture

Power mesh inserts for ventilation

Dynamic Gradient Compression
Increases oxygen delivery to active muscles while in motion and reduces lactic-acid build-up for more power and less recovery time

Muscle Focus
Uniquely wrapping and supporting your key muscle groups to reduce movement and focus direction for less vibration in your muscles, less soft tissue damage and less soreness after exercise

Memory MX
Memory MX fabric contains a unique high stretch elastomeric yarn – which returns to its original shape no matter how much stress you put it under

Warp Knit
The fabric in SKINS is warp knitted using multiple fine quality yarns to give superior performance - Warp knit fabrics have no natural stretch – instead, the spandex mix ensures specific levels of elasticity and perfectly controlled compression

50+ UV Protection
SKINS was born in Australia, so we know a thing or two about exerting ourselves in the sun. Our fabrics have a UV protection of 50+, which means you can get out and train harder without worrying about the sun related risks.

400 Fit
A super comfortable fit, more precise, targeted Gradient Compression

At low temperatures, the unique polymer binds moisture in its structure keeping you feeling warm and dry. As your temperature increases it changes its properties, releasing stored moisture to the surface where it evaporates and cools your skin.