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Cramp Stop - FuelMe

Cramp Stop

Electrolytes: Cramp Stop
New Packaging 25ml and 100ml Refill
Crampstop 25ml and 100ml Refill
Crampstop 25ml and 100ml Refill
New Packaging 25ml and 100ml Refill
New Packaging 25ml and 100ml Refill
CRAMP-STOP Spray Homeopathic formula is formulated to stop an acute muscle cramp that may occur from an electrolyte imbalance or during times of physical exertion, or long endurance activites. Spray one dose of CRAMP-STOP under the tongue when the spasm comes on, and it will start to alleviate the cramp immediately. You can repeat in 30-60 seconds if symptoms are severe. Cramp stop is available in a 25ml Spray bottle or in a 100ml refill bottle for refilling the sprayer. (Crampstop spray has been rebranded from HCH to NZ Natural Formulas, the product remains the same).
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In a situation where you know cramp is likely to occur take one dose as close to the onset of symptoms as possible. Repeat as often as necessary.

Ideal for use in all sporting activities, during pregnancy, or for acute symptoms at night, or in any situation of acute muscle spasm.

A 100% natural edge to help maintain maximum body and mind potential.

Available in 25ml Spray bottle and 100ml Refill bottle (without sprayer).

Developed in New Zealand by homeopath Amanda Dunlop, HCH SPORTS FORMULAS are a performance enhancing range of homeopathic sports sprays. Some of New Zealand's top endurance athletes are turning to HCH SPORTS FORMULAS in their quest for peak performance.

The formulas are designed for use in acute situations, when the body is being placed under stress. The medicines in each formula act quickly to stimulate the body's healing mechanism, helping to support, and repair body and mind.

Each formula consists of only homeopathic remedies and are therefor non drug formulations. They contain no stimulants or banned substances, are natural, not addictive, and do not produce side effects. They are lightweight, fast and convenient to use, and legal for use in professional sport.

HCH CRAMP-STOP is available in 2 convenient sizes - 25ml spray bottle and 100ml refill bottle.