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Em's Choc Oat Explosion Cookie Bar - FuelMe

Em's Choc Oat Explosion Cookie Bar

Energy Bars / Protein bars For Endurance: Em's Choc Oat Explosion Cookie Bar
Nutrition Info
Nutrition Info
TOP SELLER Em's Chocolate Oat Explosion - rrp $4.50ea, now $4ea, 4x bars for $16, or Boxlots of 12 bars for $46.80 ($3.90each).
The Choc Oat Explosion Em's Bars are FuelMe's most popular selling bar in the Em's range - they taste great, are soft and easy to eat, and don't melt or stick to the wrapper like some other bars. Made right here in NZ they also have 40% less sugar than the Original Em's Bars recipe, and contain Heart-healthy, low GI rolled oats, mixed with Raisins that provide vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants, natural sugar & fibre. There are No trans fats or butter used to make them instead Em's use Sunflower oil which provides healthy monounsaturated & omega-6 fats. With big chunks of Dark chocolate you not only get your chocolate fix, but also powerful antioxidants from dark chocolate. Em's Bars are HIGH ENERGY with around 300 calories per bar, providing almost 50grams of carbs plus protein, fibre, and fats, so these are ideal for demanding endurance sports, and you can use them before, during or after exercise or even as a high energy snack throughout the day to aid recovery from tough training. Emily ate 2 of these in the 2009 Speight's Coast to Coast: 1 on the 1st bike and 1 at Goat Pass. She went on to win the race (after eating another 2 Peanut Butter Chocoate Bomb Bars)
Ems Power Cookies
USD $2.65 - $31.74 exc. GST
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USD $3.04 $2.70
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USD $36.51 $31.64
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How to use Em’s Power Cookies and Bars

• Eat 30-60 minutes before exercise, especially if it has
been several hours since last eating
• During prolonged exercise, have 1 Cookie or Bar every
2-3 hours, or a Power Bite every 45 minutes
• Use as a meal replacement, add a banana if really hungry
• Keep in the glovebox for emergency snacks
• Good for busy mums, tradesmen, farmers, hunters,
campers, trampers or anyone active

Company Philosophy

• Em's Power Cookies & Bars supports sustainability values regarding the environment and the economy
• We believe in the "Think Globally, Act Locally" ethic
• Our aim is to provide healthy, awesome-tasting products. Period.
• Set an example to inspire others to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle incorporating good food and exercise
• We walk the talk of integrity, health, and well being

Emily Miazga's Qualifications

• Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Food/Nutrition
• Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Food Management
• Member of the American and NZ Dietetic Associations
• Over 8 years combined experience as a Clinical Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist Consultant
• Elite endurance athlete in multisport, 3 x Champion of the Speight's Coast to Coast Longest Day

Nutrition per 80g Bar

Calories...............300 kcal
Fat Total..................8.8g
- Saturated Fat............4.2g
- Monounsaturated Fat......2.1g
- Polyunsaturated Fat......2.1g
Carbohydrate Total........49.8g
- Sugars..................25.2g
Chocolate oat explosion Ingredients:
Rolled oats (24%), wheat flour, chocolate (12%)[ sugar, cocoa mass,cocoa butter,milk fat, emulsifier (soy lecithin, 476) flavour] rice syrup, brown sugar,raisins, cornflour, coconut, glycerol, sunflower oil, egg, low fat yoghurt (skim milk, non fat milk solids, cultures) flavour, rice extract,raising agent (sodium bicarbonate) salt, stabiliser (xanthan).

Food Allergies/Intolerances:

• Wheat flour (except for PB Choc Bomb - it's wheat-free but has gluten in the oats)
• Eggs (except PB Choc Bomb)
• Dairy (except PB Choc Bomb - but there are traces in the real dark chocolate)
• "May contain traces of nuts" because of where they are produced
• Soy Lecithin in the real dark chocolate; this is unavoidable

NB: People who have had intolerances to these items have stated that they have absolutely no problems with our products. This information is strictly anecdotal, that can only be truly tested by your own tolerance (or intolerance) to the product.