Leppin Squeezy Energy Gel 10 pack

TWO NEW SQUEEZIE FLAVOURS - Orange, and Blackcurrant - Now SIX flavours to choose from.
Squeezy Gel by Leppin Sport is the original energy gel and is a portable and easy to use. It's probably NZ's best known energy gel, with Leppin Sport getting behind endurance sports events across New Zealand. It is the essential product for endurance and multisport athletes and provides 24grams of carbs from Maltodextrin and Fructose for steady and sustained energy release. Used every 45 minutes for optimum effect to help keep you going through extended training sessions and endurance events. Ideal for running marathons, entering cycle events, triathlons and team sports use. NB - NEW FORMULA - Leppin Squeezy No Longer Contains Added Sodium Salts, or Potassium Salts. Sodium Content now 56.3mg per serve (from sodium benzoate).
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Leppin SQUEEZY provides a blend of complex carbs and fructose. Blended into a convenient liquid gel, SQUEEZY is the ultimate in fast acting, long lasting pure energy. SQUEEZY is able to refuel glycogen stores in both muscle and liver, thus enhancing both endurance and performance levels. It is important to consume at least 150ml of water with each serve of SQUEEZY to ensure rapid absorption into the bloodstream.

Benefits of Leppin Squeezy Energy Gel:

• Refuels glycogen stores in both muscles and liver, thus extending endurance and performance.
• Leppin long-chain carbohydrate polymer is easily absorbed and utilised by the body as a rapid and long lasting energy fuel source, even during intense exercise.
• Leppin/Water solution empties from the stomach as quickly as water making this a highly efficient carbohydrate source.
• Taken during competition or physical exercise, Leppin Squeezy may prevent depletion of glycogen reserves and consequent loss of energy and performance.
• Easy to carry, handy portable sachets.

Nutritional Facts:

Serving size: 45g

Provides per serve:
- Sugars........................3.5mg

Recommended Use:

For continuous physical exercise -
Before: Swallow contents of one sachet, preferably with 200ml of water, 5-10 minutes before starting.
During: Swallow contents of one sachet, every 30 minutes during continuous exercise. Keep taking water espcially in elevated temperatures.
After: Swallow contents of one sachet to assist recovery.

As a daily energy source for work, sport or play -
Swallow contents of one sachet with extra water to assist utilization, whenever extra energy is required.


Maltodextrin (from corn syrup solids), Water, Fructose, Preservatives (Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate), Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Calcium Ascorbate), Natural Flavours.