HeartRate Monitors

FuelMe are an Official New Zealand POLAR, and SUUNTO Retailer and as such when you purchase a POLAR or SUUNTO Heart Rate monitor from FuelMe you are covered by the full 2 Year NZ Warranty and get local after-sales support. Beware of buying Polar from unauthorised online sellers, through TradeMe or E-Bay, and parallel imported retailers as you are not covered by POLAR or SUUNTO.

Polar products that are purchased from unauthorized resellers WILL NOT be covered under the POLAR 2-year warranty. Additionally, you may potentially run the risk of buying a refurbished or reconditioned unit from an unauthorized reseller.

When you buy from an authorized Polar dealer or website, you can be sure that you are receiving a first quality product and the backing of the 2-year warranty POLAR extended to authorized purchasers.
Also, any Polar product sold on Trade-Me, is considered to be the re-sale of a previously owned product and will not be covered by Polar NZ under the original 2-year warranty extended to the original purchaser. This is regardless of the condition of the product.

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