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MATES RATES Nathan Lock Laces rrp $15.90, now $13.90, or grab 3x Pairs pay just $34.50 ($11.50ea) while stocks last. Nathan Lock Laces are Elastic No Tie laces that mean you never need to worry about your laces again. Ideal for runners, triathlete, fitness enthusiasts, or even children that just can't their tie laces, the Nathan LOCK LACES are the original PATENTED no tie laces that were developed over 15 years ago, and have the ability to turn your shoes into a slip-on. The lock incorporates a sliding, spring-activated device. The locks are made from a strong, durable nylon and use a high-tension alloy spring that won’t rust or corrode. The locking device holds the laces in place so they stay secure and maintain the same constant tension on the foot, never loosening. The elastic laces give you stretch fit comfort, whilst providing locked in safety, and the innovative curved tips of the laces allow the wearer to lace shoes easily through the eyelet configurations in athletic shoes. The laces are made with multi-banded strands of elastic (the same elastic used for bungee cords) that won’t break or dry rot. The elastic laces give you greater flexibility with a tighter, more comfortable fit than cotton or nylon shoelaces.
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The LOCK LACES Advantage™
With LOCK LACES™ patented "elastic shoelace and fastening system," you have a product that is high tech with low maintenance. Worry-free LOCK LACES™ provide a better fit for improved performance.

LOCK LACES™ are designed for use on a single pair of shoes as each shoe has its own unique shape. LOCK LACES™ are guaranteed for the life of the use on a single pair of lace up shoes.Nathan Lock Laces are ONE SIZE Fits All - simply lace your shoes as per normal shoes with the elastic Laces, thread through the Lock, and then use scissors to cut the lace to size. Simple.

The Benefits of Nathan Lock Laces:

*SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Quick installation and easy to use. One size fits all; LOCK LACES are 48" inches in length and can stretch up to 72" inches. Recommend installing our lacing system while the foot is inserted in the shoe to allow for a more custom and secure feel. Each package of LOCK LACES come with 2 Lock pieces, 2 Cord Clips and 2 Laces suitable for lacing up 1 pair of shoes.

*PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Perfect for runners, triathletes, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, kids, senior citizens and individuals with special needs. LOCK LACES don't slow down your workout routine, get your kids out the door faster to school in the mornings and improve individual's quality of life who may have limited mobility in their arms or hands.

*EXTRA COMFORT/SUPPORT: LOCK LACES conform to your feet for better comfort and support as opposed to regular flat/nylon laces. LOCK LACES also reduce pressure points at the top of your foot and give your feet a better feel throughout the day which allow you to increase your performance during any activity.

*100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: LOCK LACES are guaranteed for the life one use on a single pair of lace up shoes. LOCK LACES have a quality design built in to their elasticity which makes for a premier product which will outlast your pair of shoes with their durability features such as being water resistant.

Do LOCK LACES™ work for Boots?
While LOCK LACES™ were designed for sneakers, they do work well for boots and high-top basketball shoes. If your boots are ankle length, one pair will work just fine as the laces are cut to fit. However, for calf length boots, you may need to purchase 2 pair and tie together.

Can you re-use LOCK LACES™?
LOCK LACES™ are designed for use on a single pair of shoes as each shoe has its own unique shape. LOCK LACES™ are guaranteed for the life of the use on a single pair of lace up shoes.