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    • Bounce Natural Energy Ball USD $2.87 Energy Bars / Protein bars For Endurance
      Bounce Energy Balls provide a convenient and tasty way to nourish your body, satisfy your hunger and sustain your energy. They’re great nutrition for when you’re on the go or during long distance endurance training or events - or at any time you don’t want to compromise on what you eat. Made from natural ingredients and suitable for vegetarians, Bounce Natural Energy balls provide 100% goodness, with less of the bad stuff found in traditional energy bars. They are Gluten Free, GM Free, Preservative Free, and give you, fibre, protein, carbs and healthy fats. Available in a variety of flav... more »
    • GU Roctane Energy Gel 15 Serving Pouch USD $52.62 $46.18 Energy Gels
      NEW GU ROCTANE ENERGY GEL 15 serve Resealable Pouch for bulk users of GU Roctane. Available now in Blueberry Pomegranate. RRP $89.90 - now $78.90 - that's $5.26 a serve, or buy as a Combo 1x 15 serve pouch plus 1x GU Gel Hydrapak softflask for $108.90.The new 15-Serving GU Roctane Energy Gel pouches give you the same great taste and same great benefits you know and love about GU Roctane but in a convenient, trash saving resealable pouch. No more trashing trails with used energy gel packs and gone are your sticky pockets. To help cut the trash GU partnered with Hydrapak to crea... more »
    • Buff Merino Wool Headwear USD $35.06 $29.21 Running Caps and Visors
      WEEKLY FUELSAVER - Buff Merino Wool Headwear, rrp $59.90, now $49.90, Ends Midday Tuesday 31st May, while stocks last. Buff Merino Wool gives you all the great benefits and usability found in Buff Original however uses 100% Merino Wool. The Merino Wool Buff is 14cm longer than the Original measuring 66cm x 24.5cm (vs 52cm x 24.5cm) making it drape beautifully for a fantastic look whilst keeping you warm without the itch. It provides you with multifunctional headwear that can be worn in a variety of ways to keep you warm no matter what the elements throw at you. Designed to b... more »
    • Buff Original Headwear USD $23.35 $19.84 Running Caps and Visors
      WEEKLY FUELSAVER - Buff Original Headwear, rrp $39.90, now $33.90, Ends Midday Tuesday 31st May, while stocks last. Buff Original provides you with multifunctional headwear that can be worn in a variety of ways to keep you warm no matter what the elements throw at you. Designed to be worn during endurance or recreational activities, whether you're running, cycling, hiking, or walking, Buff will keep you warm in the cold, whilst also wicking moisture (sweat) away from your skin to keep you cool when it is hot. The lightweight, breathable, microfibre fabric is extremely comfor... more »
    • HCH Endurance USD $15.74 Electrolytes
      HCH Endurance Spray is formulated to naturally maximize your performance, increase your endurance, and speed up your recovery during periods of physical activity. ENDURANCE is a combination of five homeopathic remedies combined to help athletes maintain a high level of physical exertion for long periods, mimimise the onset of cramp and aid recovery. Simply take Endurance at regular intervals during exercise, to help limit Lactic Acid build up, minimize muscle fatigue, prevent cramp, pain and stiffness. Ideal for high performance athletes, trampers, gardeners,walkers, cyclists, golfers, hunter... more »
    • MuleBar Energy Bar as Low as $2 each USD $2.93 $1.46 Energy Bars / Protein bars For Endurance
      CRAZY FUELSAVER PRICES SLASHED EVEN FURTHER - MuleBar Energy Bars, rrp $5.00ea, now $2.50ea, 4 for $9 ($2.75ea), 12bars for $25 ($2.08ach), or $48 for 24 bars! MuleBar Distribution has been discontinued in NZ and we've picked up all remaining stock from the suppliers and are passing on huge savings. Right now you can score MuleBars in SIX flavours for just $2.50each - save 50% OFF RRP, or grab yourself a boxlot of 24bars and pay just $48 - just $2 a bar. Only while remaining stocks last. (Please note product Best Before Dates Mid June for all flavours, Product good for 2 to 3... more »
    • Tailwind Endurance Fuel USD $40.91 $36.23 Carbohydrates and Sports Drinks
      WEEKLY FUELSAVER Tailwind Endurance Fuel in FOUR great tasting flavours and 2 sizes, 810g now $61.90, 1.3kg now $79.90. Special Ends Midday Tuesday 31st May, while stocks last. Tailwind Endurance Fuel combines complete fuel, hydration, and electrolytes in a tasty drink that won’t upset your stomach and was designed to overcome the common nutrition problems faced by ultra endurance athletes in events like 50's, 100's, 24-hour, and multi-day epics. Using a blend of two simple sugars - Dextrose and Sucrose, Tailwind’s fuel, electrolytes, and water has a synergistic effect, h... more »
    • SIS GO Isotonic Gel 7 Gel Variety Pack USD $16.39 $11.65 Energy Gels
      SUPER FUEL SAVER - SIS GO Isotonic Energy Gel 7 Gel Variety Pack rrp$28, now just $19.90 ($2.84 a gel). Includes 1x each of Apple, Lemon & Lime, Blackcurrant, Orange, Pineapple, Pink Grapefruit, and Tropical. While stocks last.
      The SiS GO Isotonic Gel SEVEN gel variety pack is designed for those of you that just can't decide what your favourite flavour is. GO Iso gel was the world’s first isotonic gel to effectively deliver a quick supply of easily digestible carbohydrate for energy during exercise. SiS GO Gels are designed to be consumed WITHOUT water. This mean... more »
    • CamelBak EDDY Bottle BPA Free 600ml USD $17.50 $16.68 Drink Bottles
      New Design CamelBak Eddy Bottles are an Instant classic. Featuring a new faster flow and more durable spill-proof bite valve, the new size 600mL BPA-Free eddy Bottle is a convenient and easy way to stay hydrated on the go. ... more »
    • 2XU THERMAL Compression Tights Womens USD $96.52 $83.05 Compression Tights and Shorts
      2XU Thermal Compression Tights for women use the same building blocks as 2XU's other high performance compression tights, combining high performance with a softer and warmer feel. Developed for greater regulation of your core body temperature to enhance comfort and warmth during the colder months, this tight also provides you with all the benefits of our high performance compression tights such as increased circulation, improved venous return and decreased muscle fatigue and muscle damage. They feature 2XU's PWX Flex fabric found in their other products, giving optimum power and flexibility ... more »
    • CLIF bars USD $2.34 $1.76 Energy Bars / Protein bars For Endurance
      WEEKEND FUELSAVER - Clif Bar Energy Bars now $3ea or 12x Bars for $34. Special ends Midday Monday 30th May, while stocks last. Clif Bars are one of FuelMe's most popular energy bars, available in SEVEN great tasting flavours, they are easy to eat when on the run or on the bike, or even sitting in your office chair. They come in so many flavours it's hard to choose a favourite. With a mix of carbohydrates, protein and fiber, CLIF Bars supply you with the extra energy and nutrients you need for extended periods of activity. Clif bar enegy bars provide Wholesome and nutrient-de... more »
    • PowerBar Energy Blasts USD $4.04 $2.93 Energy Chews
      WEEKLY FUELSAVER - Powerbar Energy Blasts, rrp $6.90ea, were $6/$66 a boxlot, now $5each or $56 a boxlot. Special ends Midday Tuesday 31st May, while stocks last.
      PowerBar Energy Blasts gel filled chews are a great choice for use before or during moderate and high-intensity exercise. They're formulated with PowerBar C2MAX dual source energy blend, a 2:1 glucose to fructose blend found to deliver 20–50% more energy to muscles than glucose alone and improve endurance performance by 8%. Fueling up right can make a big impact on how you feel and perform, no matter what y... more »
    • PowerBar PowerGel SPECIAL (Australasian) USD $2.34 $1.17 Energy Gels
      CRAZYFUELSAVER - PowerGels (Australian Formula), rrp $4.00 each/$48 a box of 12x, now $2.00 each, or $15 for 12x gels ($1.25 each), or grab 2x Boxlots (24gels) for $24- that's $1 a gel! Lowest Price on the Planet, TWO Flavours to choose from - Green Apple with 2x Caffeine (49mg total) and Vanilla, only while stocks last. (Please note product shortdated GreenApple Best By 10 Aug 2016, Vanilla Best By 16 Jun 2016).

      Powergel Performance Energy Gels (Australian Formula) provide a dual carbohydrate source of maltodextrin from corn, and fructose in a 2:1 ratio for pow... more »
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